Jennette4life Jennette McCurdy Screencaps Contest OPEN

Jennette4life posted on Apr 05, 2011 at 09:12AM
I first saw this on demi lovato fansite and all credit goes to Anichu90v2 and she gave me permission to start so here's the


There is going to be 11 rounds.

- Post your favourite screencap of each Jennette music video.

- Don't post a screencap that's already posted.

- You'll get props for participating and winning:
*1st place - 6 props
*2nd place - 4 props
*3rd place - 2 props
*For participating - 1 prop

Good Luck

Round 1: Not That Far Away
*1st -
*2nd -
*3rd -

Round 2: iCarly iGo to Japan
*1st -
*2nd -
*3rd -
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