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suu posted on Jul 16, 2009 at 10:52AM
I'm going to change the banner just because I'm tired of seeing the current one.
The new one will be pretty simple. Just until someone comes up with a better banner.

If you have any suggestions, just post them in this spot :)

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più di un anno fa Kelsje said…
big smile
I'll probaly make one today...I seem to have the time now ;)
I'm going to search for pics right now and I'll post the outcome right here :D
più di un anno fa Kelsje said…
I started on it...but I can't finish cause I can't seem to find the right pics. I'll try to finish it this weekend XD
If anyone has some great them and i'll use them ;)
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più di un anno fa suu said…
I changed the banner :)

If anyone has any suggestions for a new one, feel free to post them in this spot ^^
più di un anno fa suu said…
New banner, icon & motto. If you don't like it then give some suggestions. I'd be more than happy to hear them ^^