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dave1955 posted on Mar 29, 2010 at 11:22AM
This is my first fanclub. I have never blogged or twittered. So I hope you feel my sincerity in the following paragraph concerning the late great Jeremy Brett. I began watching his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in 1988 while in college on A&E. In the years following I ordered 'The Adventures...'dvd set, as well as "The Return...' set. The episodes have filled many an empty hour. In a very real sense Sherlock (Jeremy) and Dr. Watson (Sir Edward and David
Burke) have been like old friends. I am not a sycophant nor have I ever asked anyone's autograph. I feel large enough within myself to know these are just real people, negotiating the rapids of life like the rest of us.
However, just a few days ago I saw there was bonus material on the dvd with 'The Empty House' with an interview of Sir Edward. So it was just recently I learned that Mr. Brett had died in 1995. I was heartbroken as I had assumed all this time he was still with us. I cried then several nights ago-something very rare for me-and again sobbing tonight when I read his biography. There I learned of his two brief marriages, his bouts with bipolar disease and rheumatic heart disease. I must say I was mesmerized by his performances as Sherlock Holmes and utterly fascinated. My favorite episodes were "The Empty House' and 'The Priory School'. My favorite moment was when the Duke of Holderness handed him the check for 12,000 pounds-double the promised amount-and for the first time I saw Jeremy (Sherlock) quite speechless. And the look of appreciation Jeremy gave the Duke was compelling. I've yet to see 'Sherlock Holmes' released this last Christmas with Robert Downey Jr., but I seriously doubt his performance will compare. I look forward to Jude Law's performance as the Dr. and I recall first seeing Mr. Law in 'Shoscombe Old Place' if memory serves. But back to the point, Mr. Brett may have been underrated during his life, but like many great artists, his genius is now greatly appreciated by those in the know. He will always be the only Sherlock which I can appreciate. I feel silly that I mourn his death now, 15 years later, but more importantly I celebrate his life and work and greatly appreciate his influence. Very sincerely, dave1955

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più di un anno fa Tetske20 said…
Wow, what a amazing story you put on fanpop. Jeremy Brett was and still is one of my favorite actors of all-time and he was/is a perfect choice to play Sherlock Holmes. And Mr. David Burke and Sir Edward Hardwicke could play Dr. John Watson as the best. Your story makes me a little speechless.

Kindly greetings, Tetske20
più di un anno fa Brettsgirl said…
I too watched the series back in the 80s and loved it. I always felt that Jeremy was the Holmes that I envisioned when I read the stories when I was in my early teens. I too only learned of his death a few years ago and it broke my heart.

I was able to obtain the whole Granada Sherlock Holmes series on DVD, last spring and after re-watching these gems, I too found myself wanting to know more about Jeremy. I have to say that I felt much the same way you did when I found out how sick he was and how much he battled to carry on. It made me love his portrayal of Holmes even more. What a wonderful human being, as well as a very under-rated actor.
Here's to Jeremy!!