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Reggie and Bollie are legend  mcjakeqcool 0 980 più di un anno fa
Mason Noise is the...  mcjakeqcool 0 862 più di un anno fa
EastEnders - Ronnie Mitchell, Kickass 2 - Jim Carrey  mcjakeqcool 0 1452 più di un anno fa
Celebrity Big Brother 13 launch – gelsomino Waltz and Lionel Blair do foam finger Cibo  mcjakeqcool 0 1256 più di un anno fa
EastEnders was too violent tonight so I watched Scary Movie and I felt better  mcjakeqcool 0 925 più di un anno fa
Walford police are corrupt they covered up that Whitney Dean abused poor Dennis Rickman Jr  mcjakeqcool 0 551 più di un anno fa
I am really starting to think after recente events people need to appreciate cake a bit moar  mcjakeqcool 0 469 più di un anno fa
X Factor is s*it this anno  mcjakeqcool 0 294 più di un anno fa
Breaking news involving myself MCjakeqcool namely related self promotion  mcjakeqcool 0 421 più di un anno fa
The UK improves on Eurovision points with Bonnie Tyler in 2013 over 2012 with Engelbert Humperdinck but reaches lower chart position  mcjakeqcool 0 630 più di un anno fa
News for this giorno 2 years ago: Geordie puntellare, riva - The UK's answer to Jersey puntellare, riva airs on TV for the 1st time  mcjakeqcool 0 427 più di un anno fa
Feared rise in STDs following a spate of problems  mcjakeqcool 0 343 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news for week ending 5/5/13  mcjakeqcool 0 1726 più di un anno fa
superiore, in alto 10 Screamers from the screaming goat  mcjakeqcool 0 525 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news for week ending 3/3/13  mcjakeqcool 0 262 più di un anno fa
My mate Jutty Ranx cracks French superiore, in alto 100 meanwhile former Rizzle Kicks collaborator Olly Murs at number 12 in World Singles Chart-  mcjakeqcool 0 204 più di un anno fa
Celebrity Big Brother UK’s 1st ex X Factor Winner – Rylan Style  mcjakeqcool 0 579 più di un anno fa
Esure man Michael Winner dead - his message calm down dear it's only a commercial  mcjakeqcool 0 692 più di un anno fa
Celebrity Big Brother's Heidi And Spencer don't have X Factor stella, star Rylan's vote  mcjakeqcool 0 512 più di un anno fa
N-Dubz rapper Dappy found guilty of assault and affray following petrol station brawl  mcjakeqcool 0 347 più di un anno fa
Can X Factor stella, star Rylan Clark win Celebrity Big Brother?  mcjakeqcool 0 197 più di un anno fa
Jim Savile fixes it for Jim Davidson to miss celebrity big brother  mcjakeqcool 0 380 più di un anno fa
The Royle Family character Joe Carroll auditions in the lonely hearts section in the paper  mcjakeqcool 0 468 più di un anno fa
superiore, in alto Of The Pops on Natale giorno 2012 but no £1 pesce as the £1 pesce Man was deported  mcjakeqcool 0 823 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news for week ending 23/12/12  mcjakeqcool 0 506 più di un anno fa
X Factor 2012 contestant £1 pound pesce man number 47 in UK Singles Chart  mcjakeqcool 0 320 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news week ending 16/12/12  mcjakeqcool 0 185 più di un anno fa
John and Edward Waxworks!  MelissaTay 0 816 più di un anno fa
James Arthur reaches number 1 in Ireland  mcjakeqcool 0 267 più di un anno fa
Am horrified James Arthur winning X Factor was not main news story  mcjakeqcool 0 364 più di un anno fa
Am happy with the news that James Arthur has won the X Factor  mcjakeqcool 0 409 più di un anno fa
Had the time of my life at the Natale lights in Swindon  mcjakeqcool 0 381 più di un anno fa
Olly Murs ft Flo Rida - Troublemaker number 18 in World Singles chart  mcjakeqcool 0 231 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news week ending 2nd December 2012: Winners & Losers  mcjakeqcool 0 272 più di un anno fa
Are the police picking and choosing who they arrest after Geordie Shore's carlotta, charlotte Crosby getting away with bestiality  mcjakeqcool 0 3107 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news week ending 21/10/12  mcjakeqcool 2 624 più di un anno fa
Showbiz news in the UK week ending 7/10/2012  mcjakeqcool 2 799 più di un anno fa
After a spate of celebritàs being disgraced, are the police trying to be in the limelight o fight crime?  mcjakeqcool 0 486 più di un anno fa
X Facor's Bianca Gascoigne  mcjakeqcool 0 429 più di un anno fa
Which Batman soundtrack is your favourite?  mcjakeqcool 0 426 più di un anno fa
Zoe Alexander has got the X Factor!  mcjakeqcool 0 606 più di un anno fa
X Factor auditions 2012 18.8.12, who I think the judges should of detto a yes to who they should of detto a no to an everything else  mcjakeqcool 0 389 più di un anno fa
Jedward apprantly on the million pound drop successivo thrusday?  harryjuddfan 1 2385 più di un anno fa
Celeb Big Bro 9x champ cage fighter Alex Reid's debut single Stardust ft Shelter  mcjakeqcool 0 584 più di un anno fa
Which celeb is s*iter then Gary Glitter? Can ya guess which 1 it is yet?  mcjakeqcool 0 723 più di un anno fa
Link to Franie Cocozza kicked off the X Factor after boasting about cocaine-fuelled sex sessions at mailonline  mcjakeqcool 0 460 più di un anno fa
I reckon that X Factor's Frankie Cocozza would be onto a winner with Big Bro  mcjakeqcool 0 398 più di un anno fa
UK Topic/ X Factor's Johnny LITERALLY a natural talent ;-)  mcjakeqcool 0 370 più di un anno fa
Under Pressure pop rap stars Vanilla Ice an Jedward on Dancing On Ice n Big Brother  mcjakeqcool 0 625 più di un anno fa
JΞDWΔRD  BlackMist1 2 538 più di un anno fa
john and edward  kate7 12 1052 più di un anno fa
Jedward new single Lipstick hit and entry @Eurovison  mcjakeqcool 0 485 più di un anno fa
UK Topic/Stacey wins I'm a celeb and she's earned every stella, star of becoming a stella, star  mcjakeqcool 0 458 più di un anno fa
Who needs Jedward-be Village Divas when you've got Wagner?  mcjakeqcool 5 799 più di un anno fa
Who needs Jedward-be Village Divas when you've got Wagner?  mcjakeqcool 0 275 più di un anno fa
Who needs Jedward-be Village Divas when you've got Wagner?  mcjakeqcool 0 639 più di un anno fa
Who needs Jedward-be Village Divas when you've got Wagner?  mcjakeqcool 0 329 più di un anno fa
2 Faced Cowell is so busy being a homophobic hypocrite he forget wether o not to send Jedward to the YMCA o In The Navy  mcjakeqcool 0 361 più di un anno fa
JEDWARD IN MUZU.TV VIDEO FIGHT CLUB!!!  MuzuClaire 1 388 più di un anno fa
JEDWARD IN MUZU.TV VIDEO FIGHT CLUB!!!  MuzuClaire 0 404 più di un anno fa
Jedward & Vanilla Ice fall to number 12 with new track.  mcjakeqcool 5 577 più di un anno fa
Jedward on Big Brother  mcjakeqcool 11 618 più di un anno fa
Things we Amore about Jedward!  jedwardjirl 0 1846 più di un anno fa
Jedward on FirstTV!  Nickerly 0 798 più di un anno fa
Jedward Performing at Silverstone Classic  Silverstone2010 0 177 più di un anno fa
jedward  kate7 0 531 più di un anno fa
Jedward!!!  clevercaoimhe 3 528 più di un anno fa
unisciti my jedward Facebook group PLEASEx  GeorgiaOx 0 724 più di un anno fa