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posted by cgdemr
Hi,I am from Turkey and I am 30 years old,as everybody my life is hard for myself...I was so depressed nowadays and while looking at Daily motion videos,I saw the video of Madonna 'Forbidden Love' with scenes from Makino and Domouji..I met with Hana Yori Dango and I am so affected from the drama ,I liked the characters so much..When we start to grow up,the people around us start to tell that 'Life isnot like in films and Amore is,either'..But Iam thinking that why the people create such meaningful and deep feelings about Amore as a film? Is it only a dream and where is it?I missed to dream about good things and good ends in life...So I wanted to thank te Matsumoto Jun for recitazione in this drama..I hope we all can find such a strong and deep Amore in our lives..