Justin Bieber e Selena Gomez Let Them Be!

jbiebs4evajb17 posted on Aug 10, 2011 at 04:20AM
Every body just let loose! they are obviously in love just let them live a life. They are meant for each other.. Stop hating Selena cause shes going out with Justin.. And stop hating Justin cause hes going out with Selena.. They still love their fans! If you are a true fan you support them on what every they do!

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più di un anno fa codecracker3 said…
I agree! I think they're great together! More people should start thinking like that cause if people (like me) are true Justin and Selena fans, we should be happy they're in love!

Anyone else agree?
più di un anno fa Rachael-111 said…
I do not like how everyone is being mean to them. If you do not like them then don't post negitive things on this club. Im sick of it. Why don't people just stop. It pisses me off. I'm trying to make peace so they can be happy. If they are happy then I'm happy. Why can't people be happy for them too? Love them both.
più di un anno fa onlyprettier said…
Exactly thank you! I am a huge Justin Bieber fan so I know it's hard to see him dating someone but I am also a fan of Selena and they are an adorable couple. Some beliebers think that the only thing standing in the way of them and Justin is Selena, and that's insane. They are dating, they are in love, so let them live their lives!