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It was now 9:00pm. They weren't in the wilderness yet. Kick and Gunther were board sitting in the car for so long.
"........ Are we there yet?...."
"Just a few più hours guys." Helga said. Gunther was looking out the car window timidly. One of his biggest fears are being in the dark.
Kick fell asleep with his eyes open again.
Gunther was totaly out of it. He could barely keep his eyes open. All of a sudden, he dozed off. He was in a very deep sleep, unable to be woke up da anybody except himself.
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Chapter 11:Moon Bath
Kick waited for days, still no letter. He started to panic, maybe she was kidnapped, maybe she had a seizure, the possibilities were endless! That's what worried him. He was pacing throughout Lansing, Michigan, Scarlet was god knows where. He passed the courthouse, the brown leaves crunching under his feet. Fall was his preferito season, watching the flurries of leaves passing him on his board. He picked up a small leaf, it has the color of HER hair. He thought about her, her summer skin, the lampone sherbet-colored  camisole accompanied with navy cut-offs, her luscious...
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"Gunther?......... Where is he?" Kick was back with lots of Cibo and water. He thought he heard something. Luckly, the fog cleared up, so it would be easy to cerca for him. A few minuti later, Kick came across Gunther's hat. Aparently, Gunther didn't know he Lost it. So Kick kept going straight ahead, when all of a sudden, he noticed something...... o someone laying da a tree.
"............. Gunther, is that you?"
He didn't answer.
"Oh no......" Kick tried carrying him, but he was too heavy.Then he tried to drag Gunther on the ground, but he didn't want hurt him even more. After that, he...
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It was a hot, summer day. Gunther and his family were getting ready for a road trip. They were packing their things then Kick rode over on Ol' Blue to visit Gunther.
"Hey, Gunther what's goin' on?"
"Me and my family are going on a road trip do te wanna come? My parents detto it was-"
"Heck yeah! That's why I came to your house!" Kick yelled, excited.
"Come on, Kick, let's get in the car!
WOOHOO!" Gunther yelled, excited.
"......I brought salty snacks, Kick!"
"........And I brought the Cheetah Chug."
"Wher are we going, anyway? We're going in the wilderness!" Gunther yelled while dancing in excitement.
"WOOHOO!" Kick yelled.