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Rock212 posted on May 29, 2011 at 03:39AM
Make a world for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to visit, person to help, and a boss to battle.
Use this to help.
Name of world:
Description of World:
Location of Keyhole:
World Character:
Character Description:
Boss Name:
Boss Description: (Say if it is a Nobody or Heartless too)
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più di un anno fa Rock212 said…
Name of world: Mist Canyon
Description of World: An area where a group of villagers live, but they live in caves. There is a mist that always comes every day. At the end of the canyon is a basin with a cliff where the shaman lives.
Location of Keyhole: At the top of the shaman's cave entrance.
World Character: Sandra
Character Description: 5 inches taller than Sora, Long brunette ponytail with a green flower clip, White medium length sleeves, Skinny light blue jeans, White tennis shoes, Yellow and Orange scarf, Shamans old crooked staff as a weapon, Shaman in training.
Boss Name: Shaman Noman
Boss Description: A heartless of the old shaman training Sandra.He has darkness all around him, Wooden cobra staff that changes into a real cobra to aide him in battle, and The mist blurs your vision.
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più di un anno fa FFVII95 said…
Name of world:Midgar
description of world:

location of keyhole aerith's chuch

world character: Zack fair

Character discription: link

boss name: genesis
boss description: link
più di un anno fa UltimateKHfan said…
Name of world:Dragons Tomb
Description of world: An ancient tomb made completly out of a dragons body and continues underground.There have been people seen living there but noone knows for sure because they all leave the cave with no memory of ever being there.Also holds an acient tresure.
Location of keyhole: At the deepest part of the tomb
World character: Zero
Character description: A great adventurer looking to find an acient tresure inside the tomb
Boss name: Draco
Boss description: Has dragonlike powers and can fly without the use of wings.Can suprisingly sing a certain song that can awake the dead dragons around him and controll them at will.Has the ability to regenerate faster then any other known beings.Wields a long katana like sword like Sephiroth.
più di un anno fa coraline17gl said…
her name is angle:angle is the sis of sora so the keybald is pass to her.she can fly cast spells and controll storms.shes a ten year old girl but her key is to her life
più di un anno fa omega19 said…
organization 13 member number 22
first created the nothings:mix between heartless and nobodies
powers full darkness
quest turning everyone into nothings to summon omega
weapons 2 spiked blades
più di un anno fa VladGal365 said…
Name of World: World's Divide

Description of World: It's filled with boss Heartless that were shrunken down into easy opponents.

Location of Keyhole: In the city center, where you face the final boss.

World Character: Kaitlin Diamond

Description of Character: A girl who wants to defeat the Heartless and take back her city.

Boss Name: Demitri

Desciption of Boss: A warrior who's soul was possessed by darkness.

Powers of Boss: He can turn into darkness and possess people to kill everyone.

Powers of World Character: Kaitlin is a mage like Donald, except she can cast more magic than Donald
più di un anno fa rigo1315 said…
Name of world: El Rio (The River)

Description of World: Just a Mexican pueblo not far from the city of Mexico.

Location of Keyhole:Cemetary

World Character: Princess Rosalinda

Character Description: An orphan girl with royal blood and falls in love with a visiting Prince during Dias de los Muertos. She apparently holds the power of sensitivity and can feel a pea under twenty mattresses. What she looks like... She looks like the woman with the green dress in Traverse Town in the First District in the First Game.

Boss Name: Llorona (The Wailer)

Boss Description: Heartless. The Prince's arrival stires the spirit and attacks thinking that the visiting Prince is her desesed son. Google Her.
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più di un anno fa Nojida said…
Name of World: Golden Islands

Discription of World: The say a volcano once exploded and created five islands with golden sand. In the middle Island, nolstagic sounds can be heard from far away. People are afraid of going near it, so no one actually knows what's happening.

Location of the Keyhole: On the roof of a burned house near the beach.

World Character: Takeo

Character Description: He looks like a kid that started a journey from that Island and came back to ask his grandparents something.

Boss Name: Lost Castaway

Boss Description: It was a young man that explored the Middle Island and his heart, somehow, got swallowed by the darkness.