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Everyone finished shopping Axel had all new clothes, and was lucky to find briefs with the fuoco print pattern on them. Leon had gotten più colored briefs. Sora got some striped briefs, and some solid color. nube, nuvola got plain tighty whities. Riku got a mix of black and red briefs. But, poor Roxas had picked a store where all they had left were cartoon briefs. This was going to be a long “adventure”. Leon then detto “When te run out of underwear te must buy più until the girls come back from their trip that is when the contest is over. ciao and besides this will be a way to keep reflexes...
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When te woke up, te found yourself with Tifa, nube, nuvola and Reno.
That’s right, Tifa found te after te were assaulted at midnight while searching for a guest house.
Later, te fell asleep in Cloud’s warm embrace and then woke up da the affectionate gestures of a certain red head.
You went along with them with them for quite some time and te enjoyed their company, although the crazy Reno did get te on your nerves sometimes. Even then te had to admit that he was undeniably lovable.

It was that giorno when nube, nuvola was supposed to return after a long trip. Tifa was out for her deliveries, so you...
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