Kurt and Blaine Keeping the Amore going ideas ?

DaltonWarbler posted on Nov 11, 2010 at 05:06AM
Wanted to get a discussion started of the things we can do to keep Kurt & Blaine's deep and lasting friendship going and growing such as:

1)Getting their version of Teenage Love on iTunes to help keep it #1
2)Helping to sustain all the buzz on Blaine to have him added as a permanent cast member on Glee.
3)Postings on every site about the awesomeness of Blaine and his courage.

Any other suggestions ??

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più di un anno fa Channyfan1 said…
How 2 make sure Kurt and Blaine end up a couple? Idk, this is my 1st Forum reply! Klaine FTW!!!
più di un anno fa stormybormy said…
write amazing fanfics!
più di un anno fa jbluva4eva13 said…
Of course! And also kill anyone who gets in the way of klaine