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Remember this picture?
In the March edition of the magazine, Gaga writes a memorandum to a handful of people. Some are dead, some are fictional, and others are not even human. However, the articolo is mainly directed at the baseball players she may o may not have offended during a drunken visit last year. Lady Gaga stirred up a bit of controversy when she flipped the bird at photographers, and maybe fans, as she enjoyed box seats at a Mets game.

Gaga jokes about the event and tells readers, “Google now ‘Lady Gaga at the Mets game,’ and te will find a photograph of a not-so-sober version...
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Oh tonight I'm gonna show
Them what I'm made of, oh
The killer Queen inside me's coming to say hello
Oh tonight I will return
The fame and riches earned
With te I'd watch them all be burned
Woah woah

Whenever I start feeling strong I'm called a cagna in the night
But I don't need this 14 karat pistole to win
I am a woman I insist, it's my life

I can be the Queen that's inside of me
This is my chance to release
And be Ribelle - The Brave for you
You'll see
I can be the Queen te need me to be
This is my chance to be the dance
I've dreamed it's happening

I am wind and hurricane
The stormy sky and rain
When te run dry I'll flood...
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It's too much to mess and it stress me
Figure out and too much pressure on us, babe
Last night te took me to the mall
And then it started to get physical

We only been a one day, baby
Yeah, I know it was fun to start recitazione crazy
I don't really find it very cute o sexy
When te call her incessantly, t-t-text me

Don't be dirty ice cream, baby
We could find it off but it's too early to be calling me like that
Stop calling us, stop calling
It's not in decision, just my female intuition
Doesn't mean te can't be calling me like that
Stop calling us, stop calling

I can't live with you, yes it's true o live...
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honey dijon
free woman
honey dijon realness remix
@MTV -Lady Gaga performs a medley of "Enigma", "Chromatica II", "911", "Rain on Me" ft. Ariana Grande, and "Stupid Love" at the 2020 Video Musica Awards.
Lady Gaga
chromatica ii
rain on me
. ariana grande
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