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My hands were shaking as i held onto the microphone. "It's okay son, te have a wonderful voice, te don't need those judges telling te any different" My mum said. "I know, but i want to know how far my voice will take me in life" I smiled. A curly haired boy ran back in and hugged his mum saying he made it through. "You're next" my mum detto giving me a gentle push towards the stage. "Name?" Simon asked. "Louis Tomlinson" I said. "What is the song te will be Canto for us?" He asked. "Hey there Delihla" I replied. "Whenever your ready" Simon detto putting down some papers and leaning back...
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posted by Huge_Styles_fan
I think Larry Stylinson is just to good to be true because its a bromance of two people out of the best band ever and they just make the perfect pair, they are so cute together because when they hug, they hug so much its true friendship and its cute enough that te can cry because its just so cute and they are so happy together, right now I'm crying because they are just so cute! They hug and real love! They aren't gay, but they sure do know how to keep their Larry Stylinson fan happy! They are just so adorable I can't explain! Awwwww! Their hugging!!!!! So cute! <3