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if te have sole silver go to the snowy mountains and let your eevee walk with te thats how i got a glaceon.To get espeon go to a place that has sun and soon te will have a espeon.Take your eevee to a place thats dark stay there then te will have umbreon.to get an eevee just go to golden rod town the little house successivo to the sea and ask the boy for a eevee.Thats the only pace to get one in the hole game.The eevee forms are flareon,jolteon,leafeon,glaceon,espeon,umbreon.vaporeon,and eevee.pokemon black and pokemon white are out.Hurry go to game stop and get a free legendary pokemon its ends soon so get it!
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Crackle… “What the?” detto the mother Leafeon. A wild male and female Leafeon lived together in a cave. The female was named Emily, and the male was named Patrick.
It was spring, the perfect time for an egg to hatch. Emily just had an egg, and it was beginning to break open.
Then Patrick came over. The egg broke some more, and finally busted all the way. A tiny Eevee was in it. It still had its eyes closed; luckily, it could walk right from the start. It scented its mother and lightly trodded over. The Eevee started to drink warm milk.
“What should we name her?” asked Emily.
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