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InLoveWithJesus posted on Jul 02, 2012 at 08:03AM
Found this game in an other spot, so... :)

This game is just like hangman.
You pick a spanish word or sentence.

_ represents a letter.
/ represents a space.
, . ' ? ! stands for exactly what they are.

- you guess one letter at a time
- if you guess it right you get a prop
- if you guess the whole thing you will get 2 props!
- the one who guessed it gets to pick a new word/sentence.
- the person who picked the word/sentence will give props to the one who got it right
- whoever put the word/sentence should check in everyday or every couple of days. If the person who has the word/sentence hasn't be on here for at least 3 days a new person can put a quote.

User 1: ---'--/-----/----
User 2: A
User 3: R
User 1: ---'r-/r-a---/----
User 3: You're really tiny

User 2 gets one prop because she got one letter right and user 3 11 props, because she got one letter and the whole thing, doubts?

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più di un anno fa InLoveWithJesus said…
Ok, I start :)

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