Lee Evans ***Glasgow SECC***

CBuchan posted on Oct 24, 2008 at 09:06PM
I attended the Lee Evans BIG tour show at the SECC last night, and i must say, i was totally and utterly impressed.

i loved every second of his show and cannot wait til the DVD comes out in nov.

Did anyone else go to the show last night?? What bout all the traffic eh! lol

Clare :p

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più di un anno fa Rab said…
Hi Clare.

Yup, there last night as well brilliant night oot tears were streaming doon mi face wi laughter.Traffic!! whit aboot that rain!!

cheers rab.
più di un anno fa CBuchan said…
Yeah that too lol ...prob the cause to why i now have a sore throat :(
più di un anno fa ollymoran said…
I have seen lee evans "Big" also and was very funny. I like it when he talks about the police "Police dont solve crimes anymore they just go on crimewatch and get us to do it!" OR when he talks about razors "Fusion, MACH 3! ITS A FUCKING RAZAR!!!" lol