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posted by ErzaLattina
#1 Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

#2 When they got asked when they feel an adrenaline rush, Taemin detto "When I watch horror movies?"

#3 According to Key, Taemin is very childish.

#4 If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

#5 Onew likes the fact that he's older than Taemin and Jonghyun likes the fact that he's younger than Onew.

#6 The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live Musica DVDs from China.

#7 Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

#8 Taemin thinks that Key looks better than Minho.

#9 Taemin thinks...
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posted by ErzaLattina

1. On a Japanese magazine interview, they mentioned about Taemin being called "Forgetful Captain"
Taemin(laugh): Which version do te want to listen about? There is all different kind of versions, for example MP3 and many more, there are many stories that will make everyone shocked (laugh)
SHINee: This is legend (laugh out loud)
Minho: When we go to Japan, we have to write immigration card. So Taemin filled up his immigration card on the plane, but once they alighted the plane, he Lost it so he wrote another one. Just when he was going to come out of the immigration...
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Ep 35 - Taemin IS2 120204: link
Ep 35 - [Eng] 120128 Taemin For Once Immortal Song 2: link
Ep 35 - 120128_KBS_불후의 명곡 Ⅱ 태민 「한번쯤: link
Ep 35 - [Eng] 120128 Taemin Talk Result Immortal Song 2: link
Ep 37 - 120211 Taemin SHINee Goodbye City: link
Ep 37 - ENG 120211_Taemin_Talk_Result: link
Ep 38 - [Eng Sub] 120218 Taemin I Don’t Know IS2: link
Ep 38 - 120218 Taemin Cut: link Ep 39 - [eng] 120303 Taemin Mapo Terminal: link
Ep 39 - 120303 Cutie Taemin Taekyung Both Won: link
Ep39 - Results [Eng]: link
Ep 40 - Taemin in waiting room: link
Ep 41 - [Eng+Chi] 120317 Taemin ft Amber - Wrongful...
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Mochida Kaori from Every Little Thing detto she's a Taemin fan❤

I think this was mentioned earlier but I never thought she wud admit it on tv❤❤ fufufu and her last statement was long time a go

cr: dizzicchi31


[INFO] 4/19/15 SHINee Trended #2 on Giappone Trends (pic cr:tickebo_suki)

due to Kaori Mochida confession on liking SHINee (Second Pic)


First pic

The 4th song of TAEMIN - The First Mini Album [ACE], [Pretty Boy] features vocals from Kai. This song is also written by Jonghyun and Taemin which makes it even more meaningful. How will [Pretty Boy] turn out since it's the work of 3 Pretty Boy makes one looking forward to it.

Taemin "Ace" Album Tracklist:
#1 Ace
#2 Danger
#3 Experience
#4 Pretty Boy (feat. Kai of EXO)
#5 Wicked #6 Play Me

Tracklist for Taemin's "Ace" revealed

1. Ace
Korean Lyrics by Shim Changmin
Composed by Daniel "Obi" Klein, Deez, Ylva Dimberg, Charlotte Taft
Arranged by Daniel "Obi" Klein, Deez
posted by ErzaLattina
10 Weird Facts About Taemin

When he was young, he was the type of boy who chose Cani over girls, though I don’t blame him for having high standards with that kind of face.
He probably watched porn since he was a teenager but it was only revealed during the Lucifer era, so when he was around 17-18 years old.
He was caught Leggere a very gross-kind-of-perverted Japanese manga in 2010, and most people who tried to read it couldn’t go further than six pages (let’s just say that’s it’s extremely perverted in a sick/psychotic kind of way and very, very, graphic… from what I can remember;...
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fan account trans) TAEMIN CRIED!!!

They had mini fanmeet event after inkigayo

After the stage in inkigayo, Taemin detto “Don’t go back home after the filming, I don’t want te guys to leave” and then they really had a mini fanmeet event after the show.
During the filming of Inkigayo, Taemin made funny faces for fan and asked things like “How do I look, I put my hair back?”, “Did I dress like a phantom thief?”
괴도phantom thief(Danger)’s original titolo was “super power” o “magic power”(the two fan accounts were different) lol the repeated part “오늘밤에오늘밤에오늘밤에오늘밤에”...
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Q: 『Goong』 is a story about students. What kind of student were you?
A: I think I resemble Lee Shin from Goong a lot. When I was a student, I was also doing activities as an idol, so I was really busy to spend time in school.

Q: If you’re dato a chance to be a student again?
A: I want to do things like going on field trips with my friends. If I’m with my classmates, any place would be nice. We’ll spend the night together and we’ll cook things together…

Q: You’ve become an adult recently. Did te experience any change in...
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[LIST] South Korean ranking for national younger brother in your cuore 1. Taemin 2. Hongki 3. #L 4. Siwan 5. Hyunwoo

[LIST] South Korean ranking for national younger brother in your cuore 1. Taemin 2. Hongki 3. #L 4. Siwan 5. Hyunwoo

[LIST] South Korean ranking for national younger brother in your cuore 1. Taemin 2. Hongki 3. #L 4. Siwan 5. Hyunwoo

[LIST] South Korean ranking for national younger brother in your cuore 1. Taemin 2. Hongki 3. #L 4. Siwan 5. Hyunwoo

[LIST] South Korean ranking for national younger brother in your cuore 1. Taemin 2. Hongki 3. #L 4. Siwan 5. Hyunwoo

TaeMin of SHINee and Sulli of f(x) stayed in first place in the ' Celebrity with the Most Kissable Lips ' (celebrity with the most beautiful lips/"beijáveis").

The Korean ' beauty mark ' AFOX interviewed 223 female college students of the giorno may giorno 03 09 with the following question: "what Idol has the most beautiful lips?" TaeMin and Sulli had the largest number of votes.

TaeMin was classified as an idol with beautiful lips, getting a voting rate of 32.7%. The kid is mostrare a change in the show's MBC, ' We Got Married ', expressing his manly attitude. In addition, he recently revealed that...
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4. [+43, -0] Funniest story at a SHINee concert: Taemin's shoe was thrown into the standing area. A fan picked it up and shouted, "EXCUSE ME!! OUR TAEMINIE'S SHOE!! OUR TAMINIE'S SHOE IS HERE!! PLEASE HELP TAEMINIE TO HAVE HIS SHOE BACK!!" And the fan started passing the shoe until Taemin got it back. I was gonna die of a laughter at this story lol.

5. [+39, -0] Idol fandoms are all different and SHINee fan are known to be so careful. They cutely call "Jonghyun-ah~~ Minho-ya~~~" And the domande the fan ask are "are te sick o anything? Did te eat? What did te eat?" and the PDs smile at the fans.. The fan and the SHINee are very careful. Shawols once sent meat as a present, and the meat was marked like "cooked rare for Taemin, please make sure to also give this insalata for Kibum" I thought they were professors of Cibo department lol
Having released his first solo mini-album “ACE” just over two weeks ago, SHINee’s Taemin has won his first award for his debut and titolo track “Danger” on tonight’s KBS Musica Bank episode!

Going up against Jang Beomjun’s “Difficult Woman,” Taemin wins with 6,180 points on August 29! This is Taemin’s first solo win ever, making this particular win emotional for him.

With a happy smile on his face, Taemin said, “I can’t thank te enough for all the love. I’d like to thank [the SHINee] members and our fan who’ve supported me.”

His encore stage begins with Super Junior...
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Link: link

Music mostra Schedule
*Only donors and members with over 30 posts may access the Video Download and SHINee Subs sections.

1st Week
8/15 KBS2 Musica Bank
★ Stream / Download

2nd Week
8/17 SBS Inkigayo
★ Stream / Download
8/20 MBC mostra Champion
★ Stream / Download

3rd Week TBA
8/00 Mnet M! Countdown
★ Stream / Download
8/00 KBS2 Musica Bank
★ Stream / Download
8/00 MBC Show! Musica Core
★ Stream / Download
8/00 SBS Inkigayo
★ Stream / Download

4th Week TBA
8/00 --
★ Stream / Download

5th Week TBA
8/00 --
★ Stream / Download

*This lista has been derived from SHINee's official schedule, and remains...
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“There are things I have been thinking of and hoping for everyday since I dreamed of becoming a singer.
Although I’ve had to jump over many obstacles I have learned the importance of faith in myself.
Strong faith toward myself is the driving force of my energy.
As my efforts for my dream made who I am, I will strive for my higher goals with faith.”

[trans da juju]

*an 80 page photobook!!!!!
I’ll get a taemin card for sure this time
1. What isyour ideal age to get married?

A: Ifpossible I want to get married as soon as possible (LOL).

2. Whichhairstyle do te prefer (on your partner)? Short, bob, semi-long, o long?

A: Whateveris the hairstyle that Suits that person, I will like it.

3. WhatKorean Cibo would te recommend to your Japanese fans?

A: Gajamisikhae (spicy fermented flatfish). I also just recently ate it for the firsttime, but it's really "the world's best"! That's how tasty it is(LOL).

4. What isyour preferito food?

A: Asexpected, it's gajami sikhae!

5. If agirl could give te a message, what words would make te happy?...
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Many fan might be surprised cos taemin cried yesterday. But actually what we saw isn't really crying ...
My tutor is the female MC's cousin so she went yesterday to visit the female MC. After SHINee went backstage , all the members cried really hard. Taemin cried really hard too. Even though they closed the door and cried in there, however the crying sound can still be heard from the outside..
Cr : aangksehwjs

Fan Thought from lkbumkeyk:

Our 5 precious and shining little boys. te definitely deserve the daesang award. te have worked hard for us Shawols, not just for us fan but the whole world...
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150104 Taemin #태민 the owner of pic has shocked when she realized that's Taemin link … (cr: sunnyk0)

150104 Taemin #태민 the owner of pic has shocked when she realized that's Taemin link … (cr: sunnyk0)

150104 Taemin #태민 the owner of pic has shocked when she realized that's Taemin link … (cr: sunnyk0)

150104 Taemin #태민 the owner of pic has shocked when she realized that's Taemin link … (cr: sunnyk0)

150104 Taemin #태민 the owner of pic has shocked when she realized that's Taemin link … (cr: sunnyk0)
posted by ErzaLattina
Taemin is the most popolare in SHINee in the sondaggio voted da Japanese fan in 2012

[LIST] superiore, in alto 100 popolare K-Pop Idol Stars Japanese Chart for 3rd week of April 2012
# 2 Taemin
# 4 Onew
# 8 Minho
# 9 Key
# 10 Jonghyun

(look at pic 1)

link: link


Top stella, star has most fan (SHINee members rank):

23. SHINee - Taemin
36. SHINee - Jonghyun
42. SHINee - Onew
51. SHINee - Key
52. SHINee - Minho

Cr. Cr:: Google | Chen Exo-K | Exo-M Indonesia


The 20 best dancers of K-pop Idol Mnet. Mnet has selected 20 best dance idols
1. TVXQ Yunho
2. ghiandaia, jay Park
3. 2NE1 Minzy...
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[티브이데일리 윤혜영 기자] '뮤직뱅크 인 하노이'에서 샤이니 태민이 솔로 곡으로 섹시미를 과시했다.

8일 방송된 KBS2 '뮤직뱅크 인 하노이'는 샤이니 온유, 엑소 찬열, 씨스타 보라의 진행 아래 에이핑크, 갓세븐, 블락비, 틴탑, 씨스타, 엑소, 샤이니까지 7팀이 다양한 스페셜 스테이지를 꾸몄다.

이날 스페셜 스테이지로 샤이니 태민이 솔로 무대를 꾸몄다.

태민은 금발의 머리에 상체가 다 비치는 망사 시스루에 흰색 재킷을 걸친 채 등장해 '괴도(Danger)'를...
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Sleeping in Starbucks for the past 4 hours,moving my fingers to the beat of the Musica so they think im just resting...

10mins to checkin and people are still watching the promo furgone, van XD it's like they can't leave =P

Lining up for the fanmeet. Wanna sit down but every time I do they tell us to get up for something o another so I keep waiting ㅠ ㅠ

I seriously have bad timing >_<

Lmao people here are lining up in front of inkigayo to meet taemin and watching the inkigayo stream on their phones at the same time XD

I'm guessing he came up since everyone on their phones let out a collective "AWWWWW!!!!!"...
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