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This cultura lesbica foto might contain pelle, skintone, colore della pelle, la nudità parziale, nudità implicita, nudo colorato, and parziale nudità.

posted by ImBooOK
One morning on my way to work, I stopped da the office to drop da some files and permission slips from my students. Glancing at the back of the room was Emily, a girl who came in here quite often. "Ms.Andrews" i nodded to her. she nodded back but kept silent. Emily pulled her long bangs from her face.
The campana, bell rang and just then came flooding in was my students. "Morning class" i detto smiling. "Morning Ms.Hannah" they ecohed back. "Do we all know what todays lesson is?" "SEX?!" A boy detto jokingly. "As a matter of fact...sort of. do any of te know what sexuality means?" no one knew? A shy...
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After her impassioned speech at the HRC, Ellen Page was here to tell our host about her experience of coming out publicly as a lesbian. Interview on The Ellen Show, April 2014.
Ellen Page
Ellen Degeneres
the ellen mostra
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coming out
april 2014
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posted by gothic_vamp08
Never before had my life been so ... perfect, so beautiful than the moments i spent with her. Rose. My Rose. She was my everything.

And I was absolutely in Amore with her.

Believe me when i say this, the girl was genuinly beautiful. Her eyes were as blue as the sea - a beautiful, gorgeous blue. Her skin was as white as snow and her lips ... Oh, don't even get me started on her lips. They were as full as Anjelina Jolie's and as red as an apple. And her curves...

She was meu inima (my heart) and I truly loved her.

Every minuto I spent with her caused emotions to spread through me like wildfire. Everytime...
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