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posted by mooshka
Queen of Underrated TV shows & Lucas Scott

HOLLY: It took Ade and i a little bit to become friends, but I'm so glad that we did! Ade is such an honest, straightforward person and i sometimes misunderstood that, but once i realized that Ade doesn't have a mean o rude bone in her body, it really opened my eyes and i feel like we've become really good friends. She's helped me through some difficult personal stuff and i really appreciate her <3

BEE: One of the most intelligent and independent people I know. Her determination is something so wonderful, and she's so kind and always there...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 "You found me."
"You found me."
I've been kinda obsessed with Scrivere song fics, so I hope this is ok. This has nothing to do with the other fic I wrote for you, so don't connect the situation te have here to what te were there. This is a completely different scenario, as te will soon notice! It's a bit sloppy and bad, but orso with me.


I found God on the corner of first and Amistad. Where the west was all but won. All alone, smoking his last cigarette. I detto 'where te been', he detto 'ask anything'.
It had been two years since agrifoglio had last seen Derek. Back in 2012 they had been inseparable. They had almost...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go commento your preferito things about agrifoglio <333
Go comment your favorite things about Holly <333
It's HOLLY'S turn!

My preferito things about her:

1) She's very strong
- I think we can all agree that agrifoglio is one of the strongest people we know. She's been through so much but she's still always here to help her Friends whenever they need her, and she's still being badass and epic and no one can stop her. True story.

2) She's confident
- I think for most part (of course not entirely, NO ONE is) agrifoglio is happy with who she is and it shows in her confidence and the way she carries herself. And I mean that in a good way. She sometimes inspires even me, the least confident person alive, to be a bit...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go write your preferito things about Mooshie <3
Go write your favorite things about Mooshie <3
It's MOOSHIE'S turn!

My preferito things about her:

1) She's so modest
- I'm pretty sure Mooshie doesn't understand how much we all Amore her and need her, and how much we appreciate all that she does. But she should, so much. There is no one like her on the spot and I feel like this place definitely would not be the same without her. And not just because she's the only one who can change the spot look ;P She keeps this place together, and she never complains, nor does she take credit for it. I admire that, and I Amore that.

2) She's selfless
- Mooshie does a lot of things for other people and she...
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 Nerea & Me <3
Nerea & Me <3
ciao everyone !

I would like to introduce to all of te my best friend who joined the group today. Her name is Nerea (aka link on Fanpop),and we've known each other for 5 years.

We met on the graphic site Blingee,and we share a lot of things. She comes from Spain,unfortunately we never met,but we will !
 Her man :p
Her man :p

I want her to be a member of this family,cause she means a lot to me. I'm sure you'll Amore her as much I do.
She's already a part of the CBF, so some of te might already know her ^^

I hope you'll give her a warm welcome,she really deserves it <3
posted by Elbelle23
So I picked Aline for the random number and I wanted to mostra Aline what she meant tome via poem form <3 Hope te enjoy Aline <3

Hello Aline, how do te do?
I just want to say thank te for being you.

Your fire, your humour and your wit,
thanks for helping me when I just want to quit.

te make us smile when we have a frown,
te always know what to say when we feel down.

I Amore your passion and your grace,
and your words of encouragement are like a warm embrace.

You’re helpful and supportive with a beautiful heart,
and your Scrivere and words are a work of art.

te always brighten up my day,
and always know the right words to say.

A friend like te are so hard to find,
so humble, loving and super kind.

The LPF is lucky to have found you,
and we never want to lose a friend so true.

So thank te for your kindness we really are blessed,
to have te in the family te really are the best.
posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go read this articolo about Maria, please and thank you.
Go read this article about Maria, please and thank you.
MARIA'S turn!

My preferito things about her:

1) She's so hard-working
- Maria is often pretty stressed out about school, as are we all, I'd assume. She works so hard to be great, and I know it pays off because from what I've heard, she's basically Hermione when it comes to intelligence and schoolwork. And even in her free time she makes an effort to be there for her Friends whenever they need her, and I feel like she definitely deserves più time to relax!!

2) She's very smart
- Absolutely. I haven't actually read any of her schoolwork, but again, from what I've heard, she's very intelligent. It...
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Title: All-American Girl

Pairings: Puck/Rachel with some Shelby/Will

Summary: 'And now he is wrapped around her finger, she is the center of his whole world.' AU song fic to Carrie Underwood's song All-American Girl.


Since the giorno they got married,
he'd been praying for a little baby boy.
Someone he could take fishing,
throw the football, be his pride and joy

Ever since the giorno Will Schuster married the girl, he had been hoping for a little baby boy. He wanted to have that father/son relationship that he had with his Dad. He wanted a son to teach football...
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 A RL friendship that fit us really well IMO <3
A RL friendship that fit us really well IMO <3
Hello guys =]

Soooo, I don’t know if the news there detto it but today is the birthday of the lamest cagna of the world, Celine. And I know te all hate her buuuut today let’s pretend we don’t ok? OK!
To make myself seem like a nice guy and hide my bitchiness I made an articolo of 100 little things we Amore in Celine and maybe she’ll believe it o maybe she’ll say the classic “I’m not that epic but thank you!” which will make me mad and I’ll kill her before she has the chance of turning 20.

No further boring chip chat, let’s go on to the main course.

#1; Celine has talent, pure...
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 Leyton Family FOTM♥
Leyton Family FOTM♥
OMGGGGGGG!!!! EllaBella te won FOTM♥ Congratulations, te totally deserve this and I had a blast making yet another epic articolo with you♥MUWAH!

1.WOOT WOOT! te won FOTM...how does it feel?
Gahh I can't even!!! Thanks for voting for me :)I am glad that te all think I deserve this. I feel so awesome hehe :P
 I Amore being the big sis!!!
I Amore being the big sis!!!
2.GIIIRRRL, you're the LP Family Big Sis! Do te take that position to heart?
I Amore being the big sis!!! Because in Australia I am always the baby, just because I am the smallest :P
But I Amore that that I can be there for everyone, and to make sure...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Even though his feelings for her never faded, he managed to forget about her and then resumed traveling through realms, eventually always going back to Neverland, where he couldn't grow up.
Even though his feelings for her never faded, he managed to forget about her and then resumed traveling through realms, eventually always going back to Neverland, where he couldn't grow up.
Cast (in order of appearance):
Aline Morrison: Dianna Agron
Rachel Leslie/Jaime Locksley: Lily James
Richard Stark/Prince Robb: Richard Madden
Paul Salvatore/Prince Stefan: Paul Wesley
Ian Salvatore: Ian Somerhalder
Celine Portman/Princess Aurora: Natalie Portman
Nicolas Grace/Peter Pan: Topher Grace
Jessica Day/Wendy Darling: Zooey Deschanel
Colin Jones/Killian Jones: Colin O'Donoghue
Atie Reed: Crystal Reed
Holly Dobrev: Nina Dobrev
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Irene Thorne/the Evil Queen: Eva Green
Maria Michele/CInderella: AnnaSophia Robb
Prince Darren: Darren Criss
Amber Brie: Alison Brie
James Ford: Josh...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 One of Fatemeh's many OTP's <3 ...now go read the article.
One of Fatemeh's many OTP's <3 ...now go read the article.
It's FATEMEH'S turn!

My preferito things about her:

1) She's so badass
- Fatemeh is one of the most badass, kickass people I know. I think she could kick anyone's culo both verbally and physically. She is most definitely someone I'd want on my side in a fight. And what I Amore about her is that she is a great example about women who can be strong, but still be feminine and caring. I have no idea where the stereotype "badass girls are not romantic/caring/beautiful" etc comes from, but it's a bunch of bullshit. Fatemeh is all those things, and more.

2) She's so strong
- Most definitely. She's been through...
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 Robb and Rach♥
Robb and Rach♥
Okay, so I decided to post this here, because I actually kind of like it:P {except for the ending because for the life of me I do not know how to end a damn fic ever!} Anyways, here ya go! Sorry if te hate itXD and I don't even know what even the art is? Lol. but yeah! anyways here! oh also ignore spelling/grammar because we both know I was too lazy to check it over..:P
Rachel Leslie stormed into her boyfriends office and slammed down a bunch of papers on his desk. Robb who had been concentrating on his work jumped up and looked...
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 "Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
"Before anyone could answer her question, they heard noises coming from the castle."
Amber Brooks (Alexis Bledel)
Rachel Gilbert (Sophie Turner)
agrifoglio Rosebird (Emilia Clarke)
Moosh Monroe (Julianne Hough)
Celine Howard (Bethany Joy Lenz)
Margot Stevens (Ashley Benson)
ale Roberts (Troian Bellisario)
Laura Summers (Zooey Deschanel)
Albie Tyler (Chyler Leigh)
Ade Matthews (Blake Lively)
Aline Johnson (Karen Gillan)
Atie Anderson (Leighton Meester)
Zoe Woods (Amanda Seyfried)
Nicolas Gordon (Topher Grace)


Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia)
Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
Clark Kent (Henry Cavill)
Sawyer Ford (Josh Holloway)
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)
Alex Karev...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 One of your queens <33
One of your queens <33
The Taylor veloce, swift and Veronica/Kristen queen!!!

Holly: My teeny tiny bumbleBEE! I adore this girl so much, she's the baby of our little group and I've always felt especially protective of her, even though she's totally capable of taking care of business! I just feel like we have the big sis/little sis thing going on and i Amore it ♥ She's kind, funny, and all around amazing.
Kir:I Amore that you're one of the few members who watched Skins. Amore te for that! Haha. You're great to talk to and I Amore how much te Amore Taylor veloce, swift :D
Maria:Lexie to my Mer, my little sis and propably one of the most...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go read this awesome articolo about the awesome Bee, thank you!
Go read this awesome article about the awesome Bee, thank you!
It's BEE'S turn!

My preferito things about her:

1) She's energetic
- Bee is like the light of the LPF for me, honestly. I don't think she's ever seemed rude o annoying in anyone's eyes, and that is so rare. I personally have never seen her this way. Anyway, she just has a lot of energy and youth in her, and personally, successivo to her, I feel pretty damn old ;P But I Amore that in her, I Amore that she's got her whole life ahead of her and I think she's going to have a brilliant one. She certainly deserves it.

2) She's caring
- When I think about the members who I know I can always count on to care and...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
This isn't very long because as I said, it's a prequel to the Steline wedding fic, and te guys aren't that far in your relationship in that either. This kinda sucks. I'm sorry!! Still shipping te two hard <3 And nope, I didn't make the fanart, sorry!


Atie and Damon weren't what te could call a conventional couple. When they'd met, they hadn't even gotten along at first. It had been all Damon's fault though. He had the tendency to be quite an asshole from time to time, and Atie wouldn't let him treat her o anyone she cared about like crap.
But then one giorno something just...
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posted by mooshka
♫Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Beautiful, Awesome Steldosey....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU♫

It's your birthday today yayayaya♥ Well, I think there is no shock when I say you're one of my best Friends on this spot, and we've seriously been through a lot together lol. I Amore that you're able to trust me and tell me things because you're one of the few people that I trust a lot and am willing to talk to. I know we don't always meet eye to eye in a lot of situations, which usually causes some tension between us:P but the fact that we're able to get over it and...
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 Rane te are beautiful
Rane you are beautiful
Rana let out another groan as she tried to make herself comfortable, she looked up to the dark ceiling, and sighed. She was in the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy and she was wishing più than anything for the little one to make its grand entrance into the world. She looked to the person beside her and saw him still dead asleep, his mouth wide open and snores escaping loudly. Rana sighed again and quickly pushed the covers away from her before jumping out of letto and waddling downstairs.

She grabbed a carrot from the fridge and made her way to the divano in the lounge room. She grabbed...
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 Leyton Family Lives Forever♥
Leyton Family Lives Forever♥
I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S BEEN FIVE YEARS AND I CANNOT BELIEVE WE ALL FORGOT!!! Five years is a huge deal and I really wanted to do something, but my creative juices were just not working so I decided to resort to my usual cheesy crap, but te guys Amore it :P I just want to say I Amore each and every single one of te to death (active and non-active members!) We've all built this place to be a secondo home and I Amore how close we've all become and how we're all still in touch, whether its through here o somewhere else! te have become much più than just internet Friends and became my real family....
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