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XxXrachellXxX posted on Aug 24, 2011 at 12:45PM
Ok, so you (most of you) voted yes for the picture contest, which is just brilliant, so thank you :D I'm really excited about this.. :)

so.. I'm just gunna say something about the rules here; okay, so each round lasts a bit over a week. 5 days to add your picture for the round (to this topic) and 3 days time to vote for the best picture in a pick that I always create after one round closes. and now for the pictures. all you have to do is post a picture that reflets your own opinion. Like, the first round is "Your current OTP". Simple, you just post a picture of your current OTP. and you don't have to make the pictures yourself. You can find them online or if you want to, of course you can make them yourself, but the point is that you don't have to. and by pictures I mean pictures, not icons -- you know, those little pictures XD hah :P hmm.. what else.. well, the picture can be basically of anything, as long as it's something you love and it fits the description of the round's topic. and when the pick about voting for the best picture appears, that's when the new round opens. I hope I explained somewhat understandably XD
If you have questions about anything, just ask me :) and have fun, that's the main point ;D


first place: 5 props
second place: 4 props
third place: 3 props
fourth place: 1 prop


round 1: your current OTP (closed!) winner: 123Naki456 :)
round 2: your favorite tv female character (closed!) winner: Rolemodel2011 :)
round 3: your favorite tv male character (closed!) winner: xoheartinohioxo :)
round 4: a couple dancing - from a tv show or a movie, your own choice - (doesn't have to be an item, can be friends, too) - (closed!) winner: xoheartinohioxo :)
round 5: your favorite real-life couple (doesn't have to be an item) - (closed! winner: rorymariano :)
round 6: your favorite friendship (from a tv show, a movie, etc..) - (closed! winner: leytonfaan_18 :)
round 7: your favorite movie female character (closed!) winner: Rolemodel2011 :)
round 8: your favorite movie male character (closed!) winner: leytonfaan_18 :)
round 9: your favorite female celebrity (closed!) winner: el0508 :)
round 10: your favorite male celebrity (closed!) winner: Rolemodel2011 :)
round 11: a wedding (closed!) winner: TrueLove23 :)
round 12: your favorite tv-show (closed!) winner: xoheartinohioxo :)
round 13: your favorite movie/movie series (closed!) winner: 123Naki456 :)
round 14: a scene that breaks your heart/makes you sad (closed!) winner: rorymariano)
round 15: your favorite/one of your favorite scenes for your OTP (closed!) winner: XxXrachellXxX
round 16: someone who you think is underrated (closed!) winner: leytonfaan_18 :)
round 17: a scene with a kiss from one of your favorite pairings (closed!) winner:
round 18: your favorite/one of your favorite badass/HBIC (closed!) winner: angiii7, rorymariano, Rolemodel2011 :) forgot to make the tie pick XD
round 19: a female celebrity you'd most like to meet (closed!) winner: angiii7 :)
round 20: a male celebrity you'd most like to meet (vote for the best picture here: link)
round 21: your favorite tv-show cast (deadline for posting the pictures closes on December 5th)

oh right, the pictures can be ones with more than one picture in it which means that you can have two or three (or more) pictures in the entry, but I don't think wallpapers count as pictures, so nothing too fancy pants ;)
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