Leyton Family<3 New Best Song Contest:D{Round 6:OPEN}

mooshka posted on Apr 11, 2012 at 08:41PM
Okay so I decided to take over the contest for Dalma. She hasn't been active lately and I really don't think she'll mind:D And I thought this contest was really fun:)<3
The rules are the same as the old contest. There is a theme and every one submits songs for the theme and the winner gets props!

Round 1:{A song by your favorite band}link{Moosh}
Round 2:{Your favorite sad song}link{Margot}
Round 3:{A song that brings back a good memory}link{Amber}
Round 4: {A song that describes your OTP}link {Maria}
Round 5:{A song that describes your favorite fictional character} link
Round 6:{A song you discovered on a TV show}
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