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Albiee posted on Jul 08, 2012 at 08:51AM
Hey Guys! It's Albie with an idea for this site that may be fun for us all to do. {Inspired by Fetchgirl2366 on The Glee Spot}

As We Are One Big Family, I thought we should do a yearbook for fans. If we like it, we can do it every year. Anyway, I decided to come up with a yearbook on my own. {Copied From Fetchgirl2366} Yes, Us Girls Are Gonna Have A YEARBOOK!!!

As usual, yearbooks have notables in them. Here are some notables that I plan to have in the yearbook:

Notables for Fanpop-Hillers Yearbook:
- Biggest Lucas/Peyton Fans (2 Members): Moosh, Kelly, Amber
- Biggest Brooke/Lucas Fans (2 Members): Holly, Jess
- Biggest Nathan/Haley Fans (2 Members): Chandler, Celine
- Biggest Tyler Caroline Fans (2 Members): Margot, Aline
- Biggest Stefan/Elena Fans (2 Members): Rachel, Celine
- Biggest Damon/Elena Fans (2 Members): Holly, Rach
- Biggest Chuck/Blair Fans (2 Members): Diana, Rachel
- Biggest Booth/Brennan Fans (2 Members): Steph, Nicole
- Biggest Rory/Jess Fans (2 Members): Amber, Moosh, Aline
- Biggest Barney/Robin Fans (2 Members): Laura, Albie
- Biggest Louis/Harry Fans (2 Members): Kir
TV Shows:
- Biggest One Tree Hill Fans (2 Members): Chandler, Moosh, Amber
- Biggest The Vampire Diaries Fans (2 Members): Rach, Rachel
- Biggest How I Met Your Mother Fans (2 Members): Laura, Albie
- Biggest Grey's Anatomy Fans (2 Members): Moosh, Amber
- Biggest Supernatural Fans (2 Members): Kir, Cat
- Biggest Doctor Who Fans (2 Members): Rachel, Aline
- Biggest White Collar Fans (2 Members): Albie, Holly
- Biggest Pretty Little Liars Fans (2 Members): Moosh, Ale
- Biggest Friends Fans (2 Members): Laura, Aline
- Biggest Gilmore Girls Fans (2 Members): Amber, Aline
- Biggest The OC Fans (2 Members): Moosh
Female Characters:
- Biggest Peyton Sawyer Scott Fan (1 Member): Laura, Amber
- Biggest Brooke Davis Fan (1 Member): Jess
- Biggest Haley James Scott Fan (1 Member): Celine
- Biggest Caroline Forbes Fan (1 Member): Margot, Holly
- Biggest Rebekah Mikaelson Fan (1 Member): Rachel
- Biggest Katherine Pierce Fan (1 Member): Diana
- Biggest Robin Scherbatsky Fan (1 Member): Laura
- Biggest Hermione Granger Fan (1 Member): Rachel
- Biggest Lorelai Gilmore Fan (1 Member): Amber, Aline
- Biggest Cristina Yang Fan (1 Member): Moosh
- Biggest Jen Lindley Fan (1 Member):
Male Characters:
- Biggest Lucas Scott Fan (1 Member): Kelly, Amber
- Biggest Nathan Scott Fan (1 Member): Jess
- Biggest Jess Mariano Fan (1 Member): Moosh, Amber, Aline
- Biggest Stefan Salvatore Fan (1 Member): Rachel
- Biggest Damon Salvatore Fan (1 Member): Nad, Holly
- Biggest Barney Stinson Fan (1 Member): Laura
- Biggest Marshall Erikson Fan (1 Member):
- Biggest The Doctor Fan (1 Member): Rachel, Aline
- Biggest Chuck Bass Fan (1 Member): Ale
- Biggest George O'Malley Fan (1 Member): Amber
- Biggest Neal Caffrey Fan (1 Member): Albie, Holly
- Most Likely To Get Married First (1 Member): Amber
- Most Likely To Become Rich And Famous (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Succeed (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Appear On The Cover Of A Magazine (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Do Something That Will Change The World (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Become A Scienctist (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Win The Lottery (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Have More Than 5 Kids (1 Member): Amber
- Most Likely To Become Prime Minister/President (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Win An Olympic Medal (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Appear On The Jeremy Kyle Show (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Become A Teacher (1 Member): Amber, Holly
- Most Likely To Get ID'd When They're 30 (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Live In A Caravan (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Be The First Sent To Prison (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Get Stopped At The Airport (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Move Out Of The Country (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Get Divorced First (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Be A 'Hot Mom' (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Be On A Show Like Jershey Shore Or TOWIE (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Date A Criminal (1 Member)
- Most Likely To Be The One To Get Into The Most Debt (1 Member)

- Most Gullible (1 Member)
- Most Sarcastic (1 Member): Aline
- Most Creative (1 Member)
- Most Musical (1 Member)
- Most 'Blonde' (1 Member)
- Most Hard-Working (1 Member)
- Most Artistic (1 Member)
- Most Caring (1 Member): Holly
- Most Annoying But Loved (1 Member)
- Most Organized (1 Member)
- Most Competitive (1 Member)

- Biggest Drama Queen (1 Member)
- Biggest Flirt (1 Member)
- Biggest Gossip (1 Member)
- Biggest Party Animal (1 Member)
- Biggest Ego (1 Member)
- Biggest Poser (1 Member)

- Best LPF Friendship (1 Winner = 2 Members)
- Most Outgoing LPFM (1 Member)
- Team Leader & Co-Leader LPFM (1 Member For Leader, 1 Member For Co-Leader)
- Favourite 'Dedicated' Fan (Must Have A Dedicated Fan Medal) (1 Member)
- Favourite 'Die-Hard' Fan (Must Have A Die-Hard Medal) (1 Member)
- Favourite 'Fanatic' Fan (Must Have A Fanatic Medal) (1 Member): Amber
- Honourable Mention (1 Member That Hasn't Been Here For Ages, Or Has Left And Not Returned)
- Queen LPFM (1 Member Over 16): Amber, Holly
- Princess LPFM (1 Member Under 16)

For these notables, you can nominate yourselves or others for one or more of these categories.

Rules for Notables:
1. If you want to run for a specific notable, you have to comment on this article and I'll read what you want (for princess and queen, you have to say your age; for friendship LPF, you have to talk with the person you have the best friendship with and see if they want to do it. Then you two confirm your friendship and explain how well your friendship is). Then I can approve it.
4. After each category has 2 or more nominees, I'll make picks, to decide winners.
5. Every notable should have 1 winner (or 2 winners, depending on which category it is).

In addition to the notables, there will also be sections for all characters' fans (ex. Peyton fans, Brooke fans, Lucas fans, etc.). If you're not voted for the biggest *this character* fan, you can still be on the page for them. I will also put in a speech about our tight friendship on Fanpop, the struggles we've had, and anything else I'd like to say about you guys. If you guys would like to write anything here, like signing a yearbook, either PM me, or right it in this forum. I just love you guys so much, and I really wanted to do this for you. So I hope you'll run for the notables and have fun with this at the same time.

I don't have a specific deadline just yet, but as soon as EVERYONE's involved, and we have enough nominees. I hope I get to see you run, guys. Have Fun!!

-Albie, a fellow LPF Member :)

PS. Thank You To Ale For Alot Of The Notables, And Thanks To You All For Voting On The Polls. Love You All!
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più di un anno fa XxXrachellXxX said…
Okay, so I'm gonna nominate people for some of these categories:

- Biggest Lucas/Peyton Fans
Moosh and Kelly

- Biggest Brooke/Lucas Fans (2 Members)
Holly and Jess

- Biggest Nathan/Haley Fans (2 Members)
Chandler and Celine

- Biggest Tyler Caroline Fans (2 Members)

- Biggest Stefan/Elena Fans (2 Members)
I have to say myself. I love Stelena so deeply. They're my OTP, my absolute favorite couple. I love them to death <3 and another one, I think Celine.

- Biggest Damon/Elena Fans (2 Members)
Uhh.... Holly and Rach

- Biggest Chuck/Blair Fans (2 Members)
Diana and maybe myself, because I love them, too, and I don't know anyone else besides us who does, but Diana loves them more.

- Biggest Booth/Brennan Fans (2 Members)
Steph and Nicole

- Biggest Rory/Jess Fans (2 Members)
Amber and Moosh

- Biggest Barney/Robin Fans (2 Members)
Laura, for sure.

- Biggest Louis/Harry Fans (2 Members)
Kir? I don't follow 1D :P

TV Shows:
- Biggest One Tree Hill Fans (2 Members)
Chandler, at least. And maybe Moosh.

- Biggest The Vampire Diaries Fans (2 Members)
Many girls, but I'm gonna say myself and... Rach.

- Biggest How I Met Your Mother Fans (2 Members)
Laura and Albie

- Biggest Grey's Anatomy Fans (2 Members)

- Biggest Supernatural Fans (2 Members)
Kir and Cat

- Biggest Doctor Who Fans (2 Members)
Myself! My favorite tv-show for sure <333

- Biggest White Collar Fans (2 Members)

- Biggest Pretty Little Liars Fans (2 Members)
Moosh and Ale

- Biggest Friends Fans (2 Members)

- Biggest Gilmore Girls Fans (2 Members)

- Biggest The OC Fans (2 Members)

Female Characters:
- Biggest Peyton Sawyer Scott Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Brooke Davis Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Haley James Scott Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Caroline Forbes Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Rebekah Mikaelson Fan (1 Member)
I think myself.

- Biggest Katherine Pierce Fan (1 Member)
Gonna say Diana, even though I love her, too.

- Biggest Robin Scherbatsky Fan (1 Member)
Laura, for sure.

- Biggest Hermione Granger Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Lorelai Gilmore Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Cristina Yang Fan (1 Member)

Male Characters:
- Biggest Lucas Scott Fan (1 Member)
I don't want to nominate myself for everything, so Kelly :)

- Biggest Nathan Scott Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Jess Mariano Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Stefan Salvatore Fan (1 Member)
Myself. Stefan is perfect <3

- Biggest Damon Salvatore Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Barney Stinson Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest The Doctor Fan (1 Member)
Oh, myself, for sure. I feel bad voting for myself, but I'm like a fanatic with some of this stuff XD

- Biggest Chuck Bass Fan (1 Member)

- Biggest Neal Caffrey Fan (1 Member)

I'm gonna think of those non-fandom categories and get back to ya ;)
più di un anno fa rorymariano said…
Stuff I'd like to be nominated for (I hope I'm doing this right) :)

One Tree Hill
Grey's Anatomy
Gilmore Girls
Peyton Sawyer
Lorelai Gilmore
Lucas Scott
Jess Mariano
George O'Malley

Get Married
Have more than 5 kids (I would love to have a lot of kids, I'm strange :P)
Become a teacher
Fanatic fan
Queen LPFM (I'll be 20 on July 25th)

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più di un anno fa mooshka said…
Hey Albie, I'm really confused!
Are we supposed to nominate different people like Rachel or nominate ourselves for category's we want like Amber? And are they supposed to be said on this forum or by pm..? Yeah I'm super slow XD
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa XxXrachellXxX said…
^ Actually, same XD I already submitted, but I'm a bit lost :P
più di un anno fa Albiee said…
Sorry If I Hadn't Made It Clear!

You Can Do Either. If You Want To Be Nominated For Specific Ones, Of Course You Can Nominate Yourself, But If You Want To Nominate A Friend For A Category You Know They Love, You Can, So You Can Do It Like Amber Or Rachel, Both Are Fine :) ♥
più di un anno fa Piu95 said…
^Oh okay :) but after the nominations & votes, what'll have to do ?

I would like to nominate myself for Doctor Who fan and Gilmore Girls fan. Oh and also biggest Sarcastic xD if that's okay with you :)
I also want to nominate you Albie as biggest Barney/Robin fan :)
più di un anno fa Piu95 said…
big smile
Sorry I didn't understand that we could nominate more people that the number required so can I also nominate myself for biggest Friends fan, Lorelai Gilmore fan, Tyler/Caroline fan, The Doctor fan, Rory/Jess fan & Jess Mariano fan x)
più di un anno fa xoheartinohioxo said…
Categories i want to be nominated for:

White Collar
Neal Caffrey
Damon Salvatore
Caroline Forbes

Most likely to be a teacher
Most caring

&& Queen LPFM - I'm 22, turning 23 October 6th.