Leyton Family<3 [Videos Countdown] Pick Your Favorite; Category Episode/Season Centered (See Comment)

Pick one:
joe/vera (castle 4x14) | sky's still blue [maria]
one albero collina cast 3x16 tribute [moosh]
game of thrones 4x10 I under fuoco [rachel]
one albero collina (9x10 + 9x11) dan scott / haley and nathan [celine]
Glee (4x18) I don't te worry child [nic]
damon/elena (tvd 5x22) I chasing cars [nad]
the vampire diaries cast (4x15) I i feel so cold [fatemeh]
community (season finales) I sail [amber]
one albero collina (3x16) I we're always gonna carry it with us [atie]
the vampire diaries (3x08) I story of the original family [ines]
Haven (season 3's finale) I i am gonna die before i let te go [ade]
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