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Now I know I have answered All the domande about who I want to data o who i like the most with the same answer. I haven't changed my mind about who I Amore the most, that will ALWAYS be Logan!!!! But one person asked me WHY Logan because I was one of the first fan of this club and I could have claimed James o Kendall! WELL, I Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore Amore LOGAN!!!!!! He is smart, funny, sweet, and just in case te haven't noticed he is the HOTTEST of All of them (in my opinion)!!!!!!! I watched the premiere episode EVERY SINGLE time it came on and each time...
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When the chips are down
Back against the wall
Got no più to give
Cause we gave it all
seems like going the distance is unrealistic
But we're too far from the start

So we take what comes and we keep on going
Leaning on each others shoulder
Then we turn around
And see we come so far somehow

We're halfway there
We're Looking good now
Nothing is going get in the way

We're halfway there
Looking back now
I never thought that I'd ever say
We're Halfway there

If we never flew
We would never fall
If the world was ours
We would have it all
But the life we live
Isn't so simplistic
You just don't...
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