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MediaTakeOut: 'Love & Hip Hop's' Emily Bustamante Blasts Plastic Surgery Claims


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Of course she had plastic surgery done!!! I know many of girls that have had it done. At least she admitted to getting her teeth done. But, she forgets to mention about her other surgerys. She's had a boob job, a tummy tuck and an eye lift, also using facial fillers on top of that. Go to Instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about. Her boobs are always sky high up to her neck, magically floating in tops, dresses, and anything open chested. You can see the implants perfectly! And when loosing weight, you also loose breast tissue, which she hasn't lost at all!! For the tummy tuck, when she takes pics in anything tummyless, the pics are taken far away. But if you look really closely, you can see her belly button was reconstructed when she had gotten her tummy tuck. Plus in a lot of her pics, she always hiding behind someone, putting her arm in front of her stomach or wearing the famous flannel around her waist as if she was still self conscious about her tummy still. For her eyes, it is pretty common for people with chinky Asiatic eyes, to get eye surgery. Her eyes are wayyyyy more open and European like now. Only makeup can do so much to disguise the Asiatic eyes. Emily B, should just come out and admit the whole plastic surgery ordeal and call it a day.
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