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posted by PUNKMUNK
Not the water that travels in a flow
Not the earth that sits below
Not the wind that blows through his hair
Not the fuoco that shines in his stare
None of the four old elements will do
Let's add a fifth, for me and you
One for the smile that sits on our faces
One that makes our hearts take off at paces
That slams our hearts against our ribs
That takes no offence to the jokes and the fibs
Something that reflects even better than colori light
Something that makes te feel in flight
A feel that makes te thirst for more
A feel like water at beaches shore
A thing that makes te do hand-in-hand
A special thing te wouldn't trade for all the land
A truth and care te see in his eyes
A truth and care clearer than the clearest skies
A fuoco bright to burn forever
A fuoco te keep going together
One that makes te smile and makes your cuore throb
One that's really for us, just us
Let's call it Love...
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