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Not long after Season Two of "MAD MEN" aired nearly three years ago, I wrote this articolo about one of that season's recurring characters, Bobbie Barrett:

"MAD MEN": Sex and Bobbie Barrett

The fans’ reactions to the character of Bobbie Barrett have always intrigued me. In this giorno and age – namely the early 21st century – I never understood why they held her in such a low regard. Let me explain.

I had enjoyed Season Two of "MAD MEN" very much. In fact, I would say that I found it even più interesting than Season One. Many fan have commentato that the female characters seemed to have developed...
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"MAD MEN" RETROSPECT: (1.07) "Red in the Face"

Due to some sense of nostalgia, I decided to break out my "MAD MEN" Season One DVD set and watch an episode. The episode in domanda turned out to be the seventh one, (1.07) "Red in the Face".

After watching "Red in the Face", it occurred to me that its main theme centered around some of the main characters' childish behavior. I say "some of the characters", because only a few managed to refrain from such behavior - Sterling Cooper's co-owner Bert Cooper; Office Manager Joan Holloway; and Helen Bishop, a divorcée that happens to be a neighbor of...
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Two years ago, I watched the "MAD MEN" episode, (3.04) "The Arrangement", and read several reactions to it before deciding to write the following articolo on Betty Draper:

"MAD MEN": fan Dislike of Betty Draper

I am angry. After watching the latest episode of "MAD MEN" called (3.04) "The Arrangement" and Leggere numerous commenti about it, I have become angry over fans' reaction to the character of Betty Draper.

Ironically, I am not angry at Matt Weiner. But I am angry at many fan for their continuing misreading of Betty Draper's character. I just read this articolo on the recente episode and...
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