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This is the english version of the lyrics. C:

If te want to see the original (Japanese) version of the lyrics, go link

If te want to listen to the song, go link

~English Lyrics~

[Maka] I gaze up at that shining moon high up in the dark, ah~, mauve painted sky
[Soul] The souls that havent disappeared have become disturbed and restless, So, they are shouting

[DUET] Our destinies have crossed into that darkness, but
[Maka] When I grip tight [Soul] and it feels right
[DUET] we resonate with each other, shake up! shake up!

[DUET] The wavelength that we create, keeps us in Soul Style
[Maka] I want to protect...
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posted by rosewinton3055
Mauve-iro no Sympathy is a song sung da Maka's and Soul's voice actor.
So basically, it's their character song. :3

If te want to listen to the song, go link

~Original Lyrics~
(The one in Japanese xD)

Moobuiro no fukai yoru takaku uneru ano tsuki ga AH tataeru
Kudakechitta garekikuzu niou yatsu no tamashii ga SO yonderu

Yami ni ikiru futatsu no unmei
Watashi no te to ore no ude ga
Hibikiaeba ima SHAKE UP! SHAKE UP!

Makuro ni kasoku hachou no SOUL STYLE
Mamorinuku tame tsuyoku nareru
Heiwa to seigi ha DEATH OF (THE) RULE
Akai shibuki ha suukouna yaiba
Kizuna umareshi toki negai ha todoku FIGHT OUT! FIGHT...
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15 Ways on How Maka is Different from the rest of the girls

Note: When I say "rest of the girls", I was referring to Liz, Patty, and Tsubaki. :P

**Warning: This articolo has some spoilers**

1. Maka is the only girl to have green eyes.
2. Maka is the only girl known to have two ponytails.
3. She's the only meister, the rest are weapons. (Yes, I know, Maka is also a weapon).
4. She's flat-chested.
5. She's the SMARTEST of the girls (I'm not saying the others are stupid, I'm just saying Maka is the smartest).
6. Maka (and Soul) are the only team out of the main three groups to have capture a witch's...
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