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i am new to fanpop and i am making a warriors story. it is about a rouge named fang who joins a clan. i am not done but when i am i will post it. i am working very hard. i took some of the characters from tv shows and games. the story will be very funny when i am finished with it.the clans are burdockclan stoneclan and the main clan grassclan. if te want me to post what i have so far te will have to tell me. my main cat is fang. he is an immortal cat who joins grassclan. i promise te will Amore my story. it is called warriors:dark forest fang. i hope te like it. so far i am at page 52 chapter 5. please comment. the più commenti i get the faster my story will be published. i will work on my story from dusk to dawn until i finish. if te want me to add a character tell me soon o it might be too late. all the Gatti will be told to te in the story.
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