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Nothing lasts forever,
that's what people say.
When something you've been dreaming of
just gets washed away.

Nothing lasts forever,
what am I supposed to do?
When hopes and plans vanish in the sand,
how do I make it through
At least we worked together.
We gave it our best shot.
Maybe when te lose something,
te discover what you've got.
arachide, arachidi speaking):
You've got us, Jelly!
Yeah, that's true. Thanks,peanut!
Nothing lasts forever,
nothing we can do.
It's hard to know,
when things just come and go...

It's so hard to understand,
when things just shift about like sand.
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Rockman 2.0:

Harpy Woman
Weapon: Feather Shot
Weakness: Gatling Gun

Build Man
Weapon: Shovel Burst
Weakness: Feather Shot

Gatling Man
Weapon: Gatling Gun
Weakness: Harpoon siluro

Scuba Man
Weapon: Harpoon siluro
Weakness: Zap Cannon

Zap Man
Weapon: Zap Cannon
Weakness: Icicle Cracker

Icicle Man
Weapon: Icicle cracker
Weakness: Shuriken Blade

Yo-Yo Man
Weapon: Yo-Yo Spin
Weakness: fuoco Breath

Dragon Man
Weapon: fuoco Breath
Weakness: Shovel Burst

Rockman 2.2:

Jet Man
Weapon: Jet missile
Weakness: Flare-Up

Tank Man
Weapon: Big Cannon
Weakness: Jet missile

Marine Man
Weapon: Aqua Launcher
Weakness: Big Cannon

Mirage Man...
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