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posted by LexieMergirl
Credited cast:
    Alice Eve     ...    
Young Agent O
    Will Smith     ...    
Agent J
    Tim Burton        
    Josh Brolin     ...    
Young Agent K
    Tommy Lee Jones     ...    
Agent K
    Emma Thompson     ...    
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It isn't exactly a persuasive argument for the continuation of the franchise -- but Men in Black III is better than its predecessor and manages to exceed expectations, largely due to Josh Brolin's impressive performance.

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In Men in Black 3, Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when...
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posted by LexieMergirl
Men in Black 3 (stylized MIB3, is an upcoming American 3D science fiction comedy film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. It will be released as the sequel to Men in Black and Men in Black II on May 25, 2012, ten years after its predecessor, and fifteen years after the first film. It will also stella, star Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Jemaine Clement, with Barry Sonnenfeld returning as director, and Steven Spielberg returning as executive producer. The film is the third entry in the Men in Black film series which is based on the Malibu / Marvel comic book series The Men in Black da Lowell Cunningham....
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posted by LexieMergirl
Michael baia expressed interest in directing.

Screenwriter David Koepp, who was originally involved with Men in Black II but left to write Spider-Man, signed on permanently for this film.

Sacha Baron Cohen was considered for the role of Boris.

Betty White was originally rumored to have a role.

This is Will Smith's first film in 3.5 years, since the release of Seven Pounds in December 2008. This is the longest he has gone without appearing in a movie since his film career started in 1993.

Gemma Arterton was originally cast as young Agent O, but scheduling conflicts prevented Arterton from taking...
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link is celebrating MIB Hearts NYC giorno on Wednesday, May 23rd da inviting movie fan on the signature link tour. The unique tour gives MIB innamorati the chance to follow in the footsteps of Agents J and K, passing da MIB headquarters and other locations from all three Men in Black films. Movie buffs that come dressed in their best Men in Black chic will be treated to official Men In Black 3 prizes and giveaways courtesy of Colombia Pictures.

Mention discount code 'MIB' for 20% off reservations booked for May 23 - May 27, as On Location Tours celebrates the theatrical release of Men In Black 3 all weekend long.