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Alright. I wrote a story which I'm still Scrivere on FanFiction.Net, but I've just finished Mephiles' mini-story within it. Since 'Sonic 06' never happened, I decided to write what I thought his backstory would be if he did exist still without the events of 'Sonic 06'. Here's my theory:

Mephiles was created in 1977 to be GUN's copy of the Ultimate Life Form (Shadow, who was considered to be too dangerous so was locked away on Prison Island). The machine he was created in malfunctioned, which caused some flaws within the project. His colours were different (his normal colour scheme when he's in...
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mephiles the dark
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I am trying to figure out exactly what Mephiles is. I am still playing the video game Sonic the Hedgehog, so I am not sure exactly what he is yet. He looks exactly like Shadow(except for his lizard-like eyes and his coloring)and they both know what Mephiles is planning. How does Shadow know what he's up to? How does Shadow know who Mephiles is? Why do Mephiles and Shadow look similar? I know Mephiles is a being just like Iblis whom could destroy everyone in a heartbeat, but I need to know why he looks like Shadow. It is just wierd. I am thinking that Mephiles has lived for thousands of years...
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