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My 2nd dedication to my idol Michael jackson :)

im pretty sure many of te have seen my first tribute to mj. If te havent the post is my decication to my inspriation michael jackson. Check it out :) and those of te who are fan of me probably know im a big fan of mj and te know my story. In this decication(sorry if it is mispelled :() i want to bring up how michael was hulimated and pounded da the media. But through it all he maneged to smile. To me that is a true inspriation. Michael taught me no matter how tough the road ahead becomes dont give up and dont let others judge te because they dont like your personality o they think ur weird. Everyone in unqiue and weird at the same time. This secondo song is called "Happy" da Leona Lewis. I chose this as a secondo dedication because no matter what happened michael always maneged to smile. :) i hope te guy Amore the song:) Enjoy :)
sorry guys when i detto weird i mean in a good way i dont want to affend anybody sorry. I mean not affence to mj sorry for the misunderstanding :( :)
foreveraMJJFan posted più di un anno fa
 foreveraMJJFan posted più di un anno fa
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