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He put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. "Look, I'll handle all of that. But please, we've gotta do this." He drove me to my house in his car. We went into my house and my little brother Amahd answered the door. "Mama! Adriana bought ha teacher to the house!" Mom walked to the door and said,"Hello Mr. Jackson! Is Adriana in any trouble?" I looked up at him knowing that I am indeed in BIG trouble. "Well," he began,"sort of." We all sat down in the dining room. Tears began to well up in my eyes. "Adriana, what have te done now?" my mom asked. "Oh god.. Michael, te tell her please!" I sobbed. Michael took my hand and looked at my mother whose face was shocked. "Mrs. Daniels.. see, Adriana and I have done some things in the past. To be specific and to the point, we had sex. And now..she's pregnant.." he told it all. My mom's look on her face was nothing I had ever seen before. "What the hell?! Adriana! How can te be pregnant? And you, te pervert! te got my baby pregnant!" She got up and started crying. "Mom! No! I'm sorry.." I said. Michael let go of my hand and walked over to my mother. "Don't touch me! Since te think you're all grown and everything, te can't live in this house anymore!" mom shrieked. "But where am I gonna stay?" I asked. "With me," Michael detto calmly.

"Since I got te pregnant, I'll take responsibility. Besides, te don't need stress on te while you're carrying my child." I got up and hugged Michael. "Thanks baby!" I whispered. He helped me load all of my things into his car and we left. When we arrived at his house, I immediately ran to the bathroom to throw up. "Next week, we've gotta take te to the doctor." He said. That night, I put on my thin, almost see-through night gown. It was short and very sexy. I laid down on superiore, in alto of Michael's bed. He came in in red pajama pants and a white tank superiore, in alto with his curly, damp hair on his shoulders. He was sexy and I Lost my breath. He laid down and kissed my lips, then fell asleep. I sat
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