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During the interview Michael can not focus on the questions, just on Holly. Mr.Douglas says "Holly would te like to grace us and the audience with a song?" agrifoglio being bashfull "Ok." "Now don't be shy." Mr. Douglas tells Holly. agrifoglio goes to the little stage they have set up. All of a sudden agrifoglio lights up and this amazing voice comes out of this little girl! Michael is speechless, and so is the rest of the audience. Finally the interview becomes over and everybody starts getting their things together. Michael walks past Holly's dressing room. Michael thinks to himself,"should I go in and say what a great job she did, o should I just go? i'll go in." He stops "No i'll go." He starts to walk away. "No I want someone to tell she did a good job. I'll go in."
He knocks on the door. agrifoglio "come in." Michael walks in. agrifoglio turns around, "Oh hi!" Michael "Hi." agrifoglio "would te like to sit down?" "Yes I would." Michael sits down on the divano they have in her dressing room. He feels tongue tied. "I just wanted to tell te that te did an amazing job on your song!" "Oh thanks, I like it when I hear people say that." Michael "Listen I wanted to say that I think your... Michael becomes interupted da another womans voice.
agrifoglio gets up "Mom I want to interduce te to someone." "Oh honey te don't have to interduce us, I know who he is he is the one and only Michael Jackson! Michael becomes very shy "You must be Holly's mother?" "Yes I am Jane william." She walks over to agrifoglio and kisses her on the forehead "You were wonderful tonight sweetie!" "Thanks mom. So Michael what were te going to say?" Michael does not know what to say. "Um just that, your voice is just so amazing! Well I guess I will be going." He turns to go.
Jane "Wait Michael here is Holly's phone nummber if te want te can always call her." She lowers her voice. "Holly does not have very many friends, because we just moved to California six months fa so she is still kind of new here." Michael "I would like to call her." He leaves. Michael has a big smile on his face, and his hands are shaking. "I cannot believe that I can call her now!" He is so happy.

Meanwhile agrifoglio is not happy that her mother gave her nummber out to a person she has known for a few hours. "Mom, why did te do that?" Jane,"because sweetie te need someone to talk too." "I don't need a friend, I have many friends!" Jane "That was your old friends. te are becoming famous now, which means different a different place, and different friends. Besides Michael seems like a sweet boy, maybe he can mostra te around some of his places he knows. Now hurry up and finish getting ready we are going out to dinner." Her mom walks out.

agrifoglio starts to cry. "She will do anything for me to be famous. Even if that means me giving up my friends! Well fine I will work my way up to the top, just to please her then I will get my life back. Just wait."

Will Michael call Holly? Stay tuned....
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