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posted by Zimbarino
On earth te reached into our souls,
Sung to our hearts
Removed evil from our worlds with your sweet loving nature.

But behind your smile was both happiness and pain.
te carried the pain,
While we, oblivious, ha rubato, stola the happiness.

A raggio, ray of sunshine and in a class of your own.
This world ever trying to destroy your light, not worthy of any part of your life.
Yet te never saw it that way and gave us everything till nothing was left.

How could we have placed hatred on someone completely incapable of it.

In heaven now, te have been set free to live eternally where te belong. No pain will reach te up there, of that I’m sure.

te entered this world loved, left loved, and forever will be loved - what happened in between is unforgivable on our part but I pray that home at last it can be dealt with.

- te detto te saw the face of God in children, we saw it in you.

R.I.P Michael.
king of pop.
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