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Songs Performed: The other half of te Are Not Alone, and some Jackson 5 songs.
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Michael had closed his eyes, not wanting to watch as Saronia would be killed.
Tears streamed down his face as he screamed in anger, pain, and sorrow.
He still hadn't opened his eyes. Listening was enough for him.
The sound of them hitting the ground made his stomach churn.
Could this be the end of his beloved Saronia??
Then he felt heavy breathing on his cheek and a cold nose nudging his neck.
"S- Saronia??" He whispered opening his eyes.
He looked up and saw a horse staring down at him.
In fact, she was alive!!
He was overjoyed as he realized that she was unharmed.
But his face quickly changed as he...
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posted by anouk1998
Once,you were
The most important
In my life
Once,you were
All my universe
But,sadly,times changes
Is not the same
I feel so bad
Is like if all the stars
Turn to black
My sweet little Angel
You were all to me
But,not anymore
This is più difficult
than die
'cause I don't know
what will happen after this
Is like leaving my home
And sposta to a strange house
My dear,
You taught me all that I know
Is like if te were there,all my life
Always protecting me,always there
Just helping me,saving me
You are my family,and it's so paintful
To leave te
My cuore will always be yours
You know that,don't you...
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posted by 123pixie
She falls off to sleep on the drive over.
I wonder what she meant da she still loves you. Michael thought “well I guess I’ll find out when she wakes up” Michael detto not realising he was talking out aloud.
She sat up and detto lazily “sorry did u say something?”
“Oh sorry was I talking out aloud i didn’t mean to wake up”
“NAAAA its cool” she detto climbing to the front sede, sedile
“Hhhhhhhhhhh be careful.......... te going............ to hurt yourself!”Michael stammered
“Relax I’m fine, you’re being OTT o is it OD, CANT remember!”
“What does that even mean?”He asked
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posted by mjjennine
 Amore of my life
love of my life
I.... Irrisistable

J.......Jaw dropping
O.......Oh my God

My beautiful Michael
te are my whole life
If te were alive
I would Amore to be your wife
My cuore deeply sighs
When I see your beautiful brown eyes
My cuore beats at a faster pace
When I gaze at your breathtaking face
I will Amore te forever
My cuore will leave te never×××××
posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Today .. it's been 2 years since the fetus of your Amore went Away .. Since the giorno of 25th of June , I kept crying looking in the sky with my hands reaching to toch the sky shaking asking ''Why?'' .. but I knew the reason why .. The più I think about it , the più hurted I am and the più I feel my cuore tearing apart da every inch every secondo , like it's lasting Forever . I know te are in a better place now where te fly free like Peter Pan , no matter in how much pain I am , that doesn't matter , it matters that te are Happy now like te deserve it from the begining , I regret that I...
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posted by luvauntrosienmj
The successivo morning Isabella detto " babby wake up baby wake up" michael wasnt waking up Hannah detto " daddy wake up" Michael still didnt wake up then Isabella call bobby and she detto " bobby u have to come over now!!!!!!" bobby detto " ok" so then 5 mins later bobby walk in then Isabella detto " bobby Michael aint waking up" bobby rush to michael and then michael roll over off the letto and michael detto " what happen??" Isabella detto " u wasnt waking up" Michael detto " baby chili out iam fine dnt worry about me" Isabella detto " i was worry baby : michael detto " its ok" then baciare and Hannah detto " daddy u ok" Michael detto " yes Hannah ur dad is ok" then the rest of the they chilli out for the rest of the giorno the went to sleep. To be contuine