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This Michael Jackson foto contains ippovia, horse trail, lippizan, lipizzani, lippizaner, and lippizani. There might also be dressaggio, dressage, wrangler di cavallo, wrangler, cavallo wrangler, cavallo da corsa, and bangtail.

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as well all know michael was never allowed to call him daddy as a little boy and dad as an adult joseph never showed michael any affection towards him at all he never huged him and never detto i Amore te to him not once as a kid and not once as an adult

when michael was little joseph always inlisted in him and his siblings that they were not allowed to call him dad he always detto to them that its not ok to call him dad o daddy its joseh to them he always was a strong disciplinarian to his children

when michael and his brothers would practice for shows o tours joseph would always...
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 Alicia's Blood that she donated to help save michael...
Alicia's Blood that she donated to help save michael...
"Well are te willing to donate some of te blood?" the doctor asked. "If it will help my best friend get better, yes i will." Alicia replied. "Okay follow me." the docotr said. Alicia follwed him into a small room which had some cabinets along the bacheca and a arm chair in the middle of it. "Have a sede, sedile i will be back shortly." The docter detto as he walked out of the room. 20 minuti later the doctor arrvied back into the room with a blood bag, attacted to a small hose, a rubber tie and a needle. The doctor first sterlized her arm then tied it off with the Rubber tie to find a vain. Once he...
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Michael's P.O.V

When our private jet arrived in California, I was più than overjoyed. I could see my mother, sisters and Randy again and we could be together for the moment before Joseph made another gig. Honestly, this is much better than when we had to do those " chitlin circuits " we did in the mid 60s. Then, I was far away from those I enjoy most, I already see my brothers everyday.

Hayvenhurst seemed to glow più than usual, and I couldn't be più than excited to see them. I could rest with no interruptions and embrace my mother with all my might. I just hope that one giorno everything will stop at a pulsing halt; maybe have our family be together, not da default.

* Running out of ideas but I'll keep hanging on and let my creative juices flow! *
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