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posted by savvy_kaylee
Her song, "Heart Like Mine" is truly amazing in our opinion!! She expresses the fact that she can do all these different things that other people might not like. She sings "Cause I heard Gesù he drank wine, and I'd bet we'd get along just fine.................and I'd bet he'd understand a cuore like mine". Other people may not get her, but she for sure knows that Gesù does! te don't have to judge someone da who they are, because a lot of other people may like them for who they are...
and also when she says "He can calm a storm and heal the blind".............. I think that shows how amazing he is!!! Not only that song, but a lot of other song mostra her true inner self, and some other peoples too!!! We <3 Miranda!
posted by rusher29
I have been dragging around
your sensitive ego
Making sure that your bags arrive on time
For the dog and pony show
a leather suit case like a brick
it kinda makes it hard to get a good grip
I drop your troubles off at the conveyor belt
I hand te a ticket to go get it your self

At the baggage claim
you got a lot of luggage in your name
When te hit the ground check the Lost and found
cuz it aint my problem now
I can't carry it all
I got a lot of troubles on my own
Its all over the yard and in the tronco of the car
I'm packing it in, so come and get it

If it aint obvious what has set me off today
behind every...
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