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knifewrench posted on Jul 23, 2008 at 06:13PM
The people who made the Battlefield seriesdecided to attempt a game which was the complete opposite of the Battlefield.

- Multi-player
- Most characters are male (including protagonist of Battlefield: Bad Company)
- Gritty look
- Set in a very poor, run-down area
- the game is centred around the use of guns, and you can't really progress in the game without blowing things up

Mirror's Edge:
- Single-player (as far as we know)
- Protagonist is female
- Very clean, sterile look
- Busy, supposedly rich city
- Guns are a secondary feature, and are not required to complete the game

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più di un anno fa CeltRogue said…
big smile
mirrors ege rocks! its full of action yet it isnt about killing, fun and an awesome looking game