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posted by WildGirl43
Dr. Stranglove:Tell me about Katsuma, NOW!!!! Even though I spied on te and him I didn't catch everything about Katsuma.
Poppet: 1st of all - I just met him. 2nd of all -Even if I did know a lot about him I'd rather be as ugly as te più than tell you.
Dr. Strangeglove:Fine. Let's do this the hard way.
Poppet: What are te gonna do?
Dr. Strangeglove: FISHLIPS!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!! Go kidnap one of the brute's pets.
Fishlips:Who do te want me to kidnap?
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posted by Solefitjar27
Moshlings are adorable and a great addition to your Moshi Monsters Account! But te probably know that. Buy seeds from the seed card to catch a Moshling, and try some of these combinations!

Burnie (#78)- 2 Red Snap-apples, and 1 Blue Crazy-daisy (Member)
Jeepers(#73)- 1 Amore Berries of Any color, 1 Blue Snap-apple, 1 Red Crazy-daisy (Member)
ShiShi (#87)- 1 Red Dragon Fruit, 1 Yellow Hot Silly Peppers, 1 Black Crazy-daisy (Member)
Gurgle (#83)- 1 Red Dragon Fruit, 1 Purple Amore Berries, 1 Yellow Magic Beans
Chop Chop (#02)- Any 3 Dragon Fruit
Cleo (#80)- 1 Yellow Snap-apple, 1 Blue Crazy-daisy, 1 rosa Crazy-daisy (Member)
Cutie Pie (#91)- 1 Blue Dragon Fruit, 1 rosa stella, star Blossom, 1 Purple Crazy-daisy
To get Roxy (#101), E-mail:

I will post moshling seed requests in the forum o da message!
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-This is my own fan fiction I really want Katsuma to be with Poppet just enjoy please!-

Poppet is a waitress at a restaurant, which her salary is only $400 a month. She lives in a small house. Today, she worked hard because her target is that maybe if she works hard, her salary can be $1000?

"Poppet, serve better this time! We have Missy Kix in the restaurant!" says her boss. Poppet saw her favourite popstar, Missy Kix at a table. She picked up her notepad, and walked to Missy Kix. "What would te like to order, Missy Kix?" asks Poppet. "Just drinks. I'm not hungry. Maybe some arancia, arancio juice,"...
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Lady goo goo ~moshi dance~! <3
moshi monsters
lady goo goo
moshi dance.
posted by rosiepo123
 My Luvli cuddly toy!
My Luvli cuddly toy!
Luvli is based on a magic flying ciliegia who lives in Monstro City.Her magic is lots of stars.The stella, star on her head is really cute on her no matter if she's been to the colourama o not.

I think Luvli likes being a super moshi aswell as a normal 1.She likes going to Tyra's spa for a pedicure and also like shopping on Main strada, via for cool and cute items!Luvli is Friends with all monsters ( which is a good thing )and loves the pawsome clothes in her shop.

Hope te enjoyed my articolo about Luvli the flying ciliegia with stella, star powers!
 Super Luvli toy
Super Luvli toy
 Pic of Luvli
Pic of Luvli
 Luvli pic on cover of moshi annual 2013
Luvli pic on cover of moshi annual 2013
posted by blermed
So I have quit MoshiMonsters for a while now and I've been finding codes all over my room so te guys can have them, here te go!:
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posted by WildGirl43
There was a moshi monster named Katsuma and he had amazing karate skills especially his four claw hurricane.
Then he saw a rosa moshi monster that looks like a guinea pig.
Katsuma:Hi my name is Katsuma.
The rosa moshi monster:Hi my name is Poppet.
Katsuma:Wanna go to an arcade?
When they were done playing at the arcade both of them went to the movie theater to watch Zootopia.
Poppet:That volpe was really sneaky and smart enough to trick anybody.
Katsuma:I know right?!
Poppet:It was really fun being with you. I'll see te later
Katsuma. Bye!
Katsuma:Bye Poppet!
When it was night Poppet was asleep but then she was captured da an evil person named Dr. Strange guanto and his assistant named Fishlips.Will Poppet be rescued.

To be continued..................
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