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The FourTrax Rancher is one of the most versatile ATV’s on the market. The Honda Rancher’s durability, toughness, and dependability are all incredible aspects of this ATV, but the characteristic that sets the Rancher apart from the rest is the ability to choose from a huge range of Rancher options, in order to find one that exactly fits your wants and needs. Depending on whether te need an ATV for your ranch, trail riding, hunting/fishing, farm o job site, the Rancher has options that allow te to comfortably and effectively complete almost any job.

The Rancher allows te to take a basic model, and add all of the necessary features to fit your needs exactly. Whether that is an independent rear suspension, two o four-wheel drive, Honda’s special electric power steering, o an automatic dual clutch transmission, the Rancher was built to support them all, and with an array of colori to choose from. With all of these options plus more, your fitted Rancher should feel like a tailored suit when its completed.
The Rancher 4X4 is everything that the standard Rancher model comes with, while adding the 4-wheel drive system. The Automatic DCT model adds an automatic transmission with a dual clutch transmission to make shifting quicker and smoother. In addition the IRS model comes with everything the standard Rancher model comes with, while adding independent rear suspension.