Film Best Movie Trilogy?

Pick one:
The X-Men Trilogy
The Spiderman Trilogy
The Terminator Trilogy
The stella, stella, star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 1-3)
The stella, stella, star Wars Trilogy (Episode 4-6)
The Back to the Future Trilogy
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Matrix Trilogy
The American Pie Trilogy
The Spy Kids Trilogy
The Indiana Jones Trilogy
The Jurassic Park Trilogy
The Godfather Trilogy
The Saw Trilogy
The Evil Dead Trilogy
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The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Scary Movie
Scary Movie
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Oceans 11-13
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the hannibal lector trilogy
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The Bourne Trilogy
The Austin Powers Trilogy
Anne of Green Gables Trilogy
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ace ventura trilogy
ace ventura trilogy
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The Resident Evil Trilogy
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Look Who's Talking
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Rush ora trilogy
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The Blade Trilogy
The Blade Trilogy
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high school musical trilogy
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