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A couple Muppet Treasure Island domande

Here are some domande i have regarding the movie:
1. Does anyone know why Angel Marie's camicia is uneven with his other shoulder?

2. Is the female tourist ratto Yolanda ratto from The Muppets Take Manhattan?

3. Do we know what species of Muppet Mad Monty is?

4. Is Calico a humanoid Whatnot puppet?

5. Does Blind Pew have an eye under his eyepatch?
 sturmelle15 posted più di un anno fa
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LIZZIE233 said:
Maybe Angel Maria has no arm there. yes Yolanda was on the muppets take manhattan. umm not sure what species are monty is/ and i think Calico is a whatnot puppet. And no Blind Pew is totally blind he doesnt have an eyepatch
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posted più di un anno fa 
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