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posted by NocturnalMirage
Wheels of Evil – Part 8

It’s almost dawn. The mare hears the strange rumble from far away. Not so later, the Plymouth shows up. The car backs up and parks down on her usual spazio in the Everfree. Bon-Bon lurks in the shadows nearby. She starts connecting the dots. That is why she remains undetected! The forest hides her. Nopony goes in there. Just da looking at the Fury, the earth pony knows it’s a she.

The left door opens. Lyra gets out. She has an enraptured look on her face. Opalescent eyes. She walks like a lunatic. She’s... enchanted. Bon-Bon knows it’s the doing of the car somehow. The beige mare waits. It’s getting lighter fast. Everything is calm. Beautiful summer morning. Odd, popping noises come from the Plymouth.

Lyra has left. She doesn’t look back. She’s far now. Bon-Bon makes a motion. She slowly approaches the car. The vermillion and ivory colori stand out from the forests green. Its metal body seems like a mile long. Two formations at the rear. They are reminiscent of flippers. Bon-Bon examines the weird machine. She touches the metal. Kicks the tires.

The windows are rolled down. The earth pony pokes her head inside. Lyra’s perfume is still billowing in the air. She also smells leather and... Rotten meat. The stench of decay. A grimace of disgust forms on her face. There’s a mirror in the middle of the dashboard. Bon-Bon glances at it. The blood freezes in her veins. The reflection. It’s...

Carrot Top. She’s sitting on the back seat. Flat, like a pancake. Crushed. Her pelliccia is covered with gore and dirt. Her Bones are sticking out. And she glares directly at Bon-Bon. The beige mare gasps and suppresses a scream. When she looks in the rear view mirror again, nothing’s there. A sudden bad feeling overwhelms the earth pony. Her eyes travel downwards. She recognizes a key in the ignition. It’s still swinging back and forth a little. The key board says: Christine. Written with crimson, arabesque letters.

It’s like blood... Bon-Bon thinks. Suddenly, the ignition turns da itself. Bon-Bon sees it. Her jaw drops in shock. The engine comes alive. Its rattle is eerie. The V8 revs up for a few times. The earth pony backs away in fear. She runs. The engine stops. Christine is lurking in the shadows. Like a sleeping predator.

*** ***

“Are te serious?” caramello asks, after Bon-Bon tells him what she’s seen.

“Yes, it was very frightening... For a moment I thought I saw Carrot superiore, in alto in there...” the beige mare risposte with fear in her eyes.

“What?! How would that be even possible?!” the stallion calls out nervously.

“I don’t know... How is any of this possible? You’ve seen più than I did, and te have doubts?” Bon-Bon counters angrily.

“No, of course not! It’s just... Carry and I were very close.” caramello admits.

“I understand. te want revenge.” The beige earth pony says, giving the stallion a friendly hug.

“Yes. And now that we know where that car is, I say we trash it.”

“How should we do that?”

“I know a couple of guys. We can do it.” caramello says with a cruel grin.

“I’m not sure about that... it sounds pretty dangerous.” Bon-Bon says and raises a brow.

Somepony throws the front door open. The duo winces da the sudden noise. Berry punch, punzone trots inside. Fear and perplexity is written all over her features.

“Guys, guys!” the purple mare stammers. “I come from downtown! They have found Sheriff Copperhooves!”

“What, he has gone missing o something?” caramello asks.

“No, te don’t understand! They found him on the Main Road! He’s dead!!! They say his body was literary torn apart!”

“Holy Sweet Celestia!”

“It’s got to be that car...” Berry speculates. “Maybe Copperhooves was onto something...”

“But te detto he didn’t believe you...” Bon-Bon throws in.

“Yeah. But maybe he started some investigation after all... “Berry replies.

“That’s it, I’m going to end this tonight!” the stallion exclaims. “I’ll call the guys!

“Wait! It makes sense now. Lyra goes out at night. And something happens. Maybe she and the murders are connected.” the beige earth pony says.

“You think Lyra is responsible for all of this?!” Berry domande on a high tone of voice.

“I... I don’t know anymore... I wish to believe that the car is making her... Maybe the car needs her for the killings.”

“If this thing’s controlling Lyra, it gives us another good reason to smash it to bits!” the stallion reasons.

“Yes. Let’s do it.” Berry agrees.

“I just want this to end...” Bon-Bon sighs.

“Oh, IT WILL END ALLRIGHT!” caramello exclaims resolutely. “We’ll finish this before it truly gets out of hoof. Tonight!”
 Another titolo screen
Another title screen
I've made several enemies, been in many wars, and countless battles, but this will be intense. It all started on March 13, 2025 when King Sombra was figuring out a way to destroy Equestria. He had something very big planned after losing the crystal empire.

King Sombra: Finally, time to test the time machine. *travels back into time*

November 23, 2012

Nazi Leiutenant: They went into a place called Equestria.
Robotnik: Then lets go!
King Sombra: Wait!
Robotnik: What do te want?
King Sombra: I heard you're trying to destroy a hedgehog correct?
Robotnik: Ja, and?
King Sombra: I want to help you. Follow...
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posted by pikachu700
*opens front door* nope just Frozen bodys
*close door*
*opens 2 door*
all i see is darkness
*close 2 door*
*opens 3 door*
*close 3 door quickly*
me: e_e only two più doors?
*opens 4th door*
*bombs every about to explode*
ME:WTF *close door very quickly*
*opens 5th door* oh its just her bedroom me: Hey! a book (but it turns out a diary)
me: i should leave it alone
Pinkie pie: What are te doing in my bedroom? *grabs a chainsaw*
to be continued o is it???
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 The start of the Equestria War.
The start of the Equestria War.
Before I start this story, let me go over some stuff that happened in the precedente stories.

November 23, 2012

I arrived at Ponyville, and met the six main characters of MLP FIM. The successivo giorno was the beginning of the Equestria War. A mese later Canterlot got bombed, and the pony Alliance was formed to fight against Robotnik's army.

December 24, 2012

Before his death Dr. Robotnik got Discord, and Blaze the cat to take over his army. Discord would take Ponyville, and Manehattan while Blaze would take Fillydelphia, Stalliongrad, and San Franciscolt.

December 30, 2014

The pony Alliance finishes off...
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Hello Saxxy. Give me why.
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Now this is the tale of our castaways, they're here for a long long time. They'll have to make the best of things. It's an uphill climb.
my little pony
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
Episode 11: Black Widow

Me: *Reading Tales of Suspense #52 on a gondola*

Princess Cadance: *Gets on the same gondola* Hello Nick.

Me: Greetings, Princess Cadance.

Princess Cadance: *Sees the comic I am reading* Who is that girl on that comic book cover?

Me: That’s Black Widow.

Princess Cadance: Black Widow?

Me: Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, is an ex-Soviet Union spy who now works for S.H.I.E.L.D., working mostly with Hawkeye and Director Nick Fury.

Princess Cadance: She seems interesting.

Me: She fell in Amore with a fellow villain named Hawkeye, who wanted to destroy Iron Man, so they both teamed...
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