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I was at Townhall, when I saw a big cargo plane pass da me. It was decreasing it's altitude as it went towards the airport. Even though the plane was about to land, it seemed like it was getting too low to the ground, so I decided to go see what was going on.

Halligan: Almost there.
Pilot: *Lands on the runway* Now where do I put this bird?
Halligan: Put it in that hangar to our right.
Pilot: *Slowly turns to the right*
Sean: *Hiding da a helicopter, and looks at the plane with his binoculars*
Pilot: *Stops the plane in the hangar, and turns off the engine*
Ponies: *Leaving the airplane*
Airport Security Pony: *Arrives* Hey, we didn't give te permission to land here.
Halligan: *Grabs a syringe of the drug, and stabs the airport security pony with it*
Airport Security Pony: *Turning evil* ISIS rules.
Halligan: *Laughs*
ISIS Ponies: *Laughing*
Halligan: We want te to stab every other pony working for security with what we stabbed you.
ISIS Pony: *Gets a gabbia, cassa out of the plane*
Halligan: *Opens the crate*
Airport Security Pony: *Takes a syringe full of the drug*
Halligan: *Gives a backpack to the security pony* Fill this up with as many of those syringes as te can.
Airport Security Pony: *Filling the backpack with syringes*
Halligan: Once te finish stabbing all of the ponies in Airport Security, get everyone else in there.
Airport Security Pony: Yes sir.
Sean: *Arrives with his M249 Machine gun* te gotta learn when to say no every once in a while.
Halligan: No every once in a while. *Runs away* Kill him!!
Sean: *Shoots the ISIS Ponies*
Airport Security Pony: *About to stab Sean with a syringe*
Sean: *Punches the security pony*
Airport Security Pony: *Turning back to normal* What happened?
Sean: te were drugged da ISIS. It seems, that te turned back to normal when I punched you.
Airport Security Pony: That really hurts, but thanks.
Sean: *Goes to the airplane, and shows the security pony all of the syringes on board* Call the police. Make sure they get rid of every single one of these. Understand?
Airport Security Pony: Yes.
Sean: Good.

Not far away from the airport, Halligan went to a phone booth, and called his boss Duublar.

Halligan: Come on, come on, pick up!
Duublar: *Picks up the phone* Yes?
Halligan: We have a problem.
Duublar: Who is this?
Halligan: It's Halligan.
Duublar: Impossible. He never has a problem with his assignments.
Halligan: Will te shut up, and listen?! There's a hedgehog running here with a gun, a big M249 Saw. He killed all of my teammates. I need backup.
Duublar: What about the drugs?
Halligan: They're probably being confiscated da now.
Duublar: te didn't try to get them?
Halligan: That hedgehog would've killed me if I stayed there.
Duublar: te had a weapon to. Why didn't te shoot him? I'll tell te what. Since this is the very first time te screwed up, I bet you're very embarrassed about it, so I'll send te reinforcements with 85 crates full of our drug, for a price.
Halligan: te want me to pay te to get reinforcements, and più of our drug?
Duublar: Yes. 98 Equestrian Dollars should do it.
Halligan: Where will I get the money?
Duublar: Stupid question. *Hangs up*
Halligan: What the hell?

2 B Continued
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At least we get to see Derpy in the beginning.
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Those are ponies? I thought they were dogs!
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Fluttershy's pov

It had been two years since Discord vanished without a trace and life in Ponyvillie and Equestria had changed a lot well for everyone but me.

Twilight was now Alicorn princess and was busy with royal duties and studies so I didn't get to see much of her anymore. arcobaleno Dash was finally a Wonderbolt she had finally reached her dream! So she was traveling a lot a I only saw her on her days off. Rarity was now designing for the most famous ponies in Equestria and was usually busy with orders, but we still saw each other for our spa day.

Applejack was busy too with her family farm...
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i was surprise about the episode. I can understand that my little pony friendship is really magic. Now i know that they all a the closest Friends ever. I never see a t.v mostra like these pony. Looks like my dream come true when i was a child. Princess Twilight sparkels is the princess of friendship and whats a princess of friendship do without friends. its all about twilight defend terek. te should watch all episode season 4 because there is a sad story about pinkie pie. I had the song of 'let the arcobaleno remind you.

let the arcobaleno reminds you.

each one of us are something special...
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