Naomi & Emily Hopes for series 4?

velvet_fox posted on Sep 21, 2009 at 05:00PM
Just wondering. I know season 4 isn't starting till the new year, but that's no reason to not speculate.

I'm a fan of simple wishes. I'd just like them to be all coupley around everyone and be completely open with their relationship. And who am I kidding I'd like to see more sexin' ;) I'm not sure if they'll stay together, but seeing how well channel 4 have handled this love story so far (the best coming out story I've seen on TV) I'm quite optimistic for a good ending for the pair.

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più di un anno fa WillowyWitch said…
I hope they'll stay together.. or at least - IF it is necessary - a not so stupid 'end'. But it would be just great if E4 would keep this couple and show their love with more cuddling and kissing (stuff like that). Of course I wouldn't mind a little jealousy or something that give a lot of other sparks in theri relationship ;)

I just love the two and it seems like E4 is totally crazy about them,too ;) So I hope this is a good sign..~
più di un anno fa velvet_fox said…
I'd love to see a jealous/pining Naomi, just to show that (as some haters like to think) Naomily isn't a one sided relationship. It'd be nice to see Naomi really fight for Emily.

Ha ha yeah E4 are Naomily nuts! I've never seen a network go so loop the loop for a ship before, so it's certainly is a good sign. I mean the chances of the writers not having them end up together at the end of series 4 has to be really slim, cos they are so popular.

Btw I LOVE you icon! LilyKat!
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più di un anno fa WillowyWitch said…
big smile
That would be great! A jealous Naomi fighting for her Emily.. I already screamed when I saw Naomi's face/ heard her voice when she talked to Emily and JJ at the loveball like "Yeah?But you didn't, did you,hon" This was when I totally freaked out..
So, I hope there will be some more and a lot of love!!!

I don't think that E4 would do so many things (Naomily fanvid and stuff like that) if they would end their relationship right after two or three episodes..

Thanks! Love it, too.. can't get enough of them<3~ Two beautiful women and great actresses *.*
But I love your icon, too!