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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 7

Neji's pov

I was on my way to Tenten's house when I heard I faint 'transform.' I waited and saw who came from out the alley. It was Sai. I glared at him as he got closer. What is he doing using a transform jutsu this time of night. Sai looked at me with evil in his eyes then walked away. He looked like he was coming from Tenten's house. I walked faster then started running. I knocked on the door franticly.
"Tenten!" I yelled then tried the knob. It was open. I ran in and up to Tenten's room. She was balled up on the letto crying. I ran to her. "Tenten. What happened."
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Hidden Leaf Village morning, when the sun is shining up and good. Naruto and the others go off to a mission which leaves off to team Guy, in the leaf village. Lee and Guy sensei had to do something else for Lady Tsuande which was to go to the Hidden nube, nuvola Village and take order to take the princess attention and steal the scroll that the princess took from Tsuande, it's not easy and simple as it sounds. Sooo...

"Neji,there's like nothing else to do. I bet we could train o do some targets or...I dunno something that will keep us up." detto Tenten

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posted by nejiten2
Tenten and Neji were gettting married

The whole Knoha was there.

Neji was wearing a gidup. It was black.
He has bangs on his forehead. Covering his curse mark. Tenten thought he was a hotty. She was wearing a dress it had drawings of roses. Her hair was let go. It was curley at the bottom of her hair. And she had a small little tiara on superiore, in alto of her head.
Neji was grabbing Tenten's hand.

Preist- Hyuga Neji Do te take Tenten as your beloved wife?

Neji- I do.
Preist- Tenten. Do te take Hyuga Neji as your beloved Husband?
Tenten- I do.

Preist- Does anyone have a complain about this couple?

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posted by nejiten2
Tenten was watching Hyuga Neji train with Lee.
She really admire Neji when she first saw Neji.
When she admire him everyday it grew stronger
and stronger. Then it grew to love. Tenten now loves Hyuga Neji. But sense he's so silence and mature for his own age. Will he Amore her back?

Tenten was looking at Neji hiting Lee. Looks like Lee didn't even lay a single hit on Neji.

Plus Tenten thinks it makes Neji even look cooler.

Tenten- < blush>
Tenten's Mind- Hyuga Neji. So silence and cool.
He uses smart words... He can't even get hit da Lee. And Lee is pretty munch a master of Taijutsu.
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posted by nejiten2
Guy Sensei- Great job everyone!
Tenten- Guy Sensei, we've train for 6 hours staright, don't te think we should take a break?

Neji- huf,huf,huf. Not to mention we should.
Lee- Noo!! I don't wanna! Training will be my destiny!

Guy- Someone has the power of Youth! Ah-ha-ha-ha!!

Tenten- * whack*
Neji- * pow*

Lee- Unh.
Guy- Ouch.

Tenten- Your pointless. A shinobi needs some rest too!! I'm gonna take me a break! So,see ya!

Neji- ....She's right.

Tenten- I'm going to the Hot springs. Neji, te can go too.

Neji- I might as well.

Tenten- alright. See ya!

* puff* ( used somke bomb)

Tenten- Ah. Hidden Leaf...
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posted by minaj_fan
Heeeey u guys!!! I'm really(x100) sorry. I hope te like it..... ok I kept u guys waiting long enough so here's the story.... comment, become a fan, give props. All that good stuff. ENJOY!!!

Nejixtenten=love part 12

Tenten's pov

Neji and I looked around every inch of the house.
"Neji did te check the backyard?" I asked.
"No," we both ran to the back door to see the baby and Hinata sitting on the swing swinging softly back and forth.
"Hinata!" I busted out the door.
"Shh. He's sleeping," she smiled down here.
"We were looking everywhere for him," I detto angrily walking over to her.
"I'm sorry if I worried...
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posted by nejiten2
NejiTen are made to be toegether! There not stupid. There is just so many way's that they shoukd go toegether. I toatlly admire them and i hope Masashi Kishimoto will put them toegether. No arguements about them, just let Neji have a smile with Tenten. Neji can be seroius at all times, but sometimes there's got to be a change to that. Is to make them Amore and care for eachother. Tenten can train with Neji when she wants to make him stronger but there's
a way that she can make him Amore him. She doesn't even hangout with Lee nor Guy. Just Neji.
If it was NejiHina sure that will help the Hyuga Clan save the bloodline but, it's Masashi Kishimoto who is Scrivere the whole stroy just to see what happens to Naruto and the rest of the Leaf shinobi. Even if MAYBE Neji and Tenten won't be toegether. Maybe .... there is ONE... way to put them toegether.
 neji and Tenten
neji and Tenten
posted by minaj_fan
Heeeey u guys!!! I'm really(x100) sorry. I hope te like it..... ok I kept u guys waiting long enough so here's the story.... comment, become a fan, give props. All that good stuff. ENJOY!!!

Nejixtenten=love part 12

Tenten's pov

Neji and I looked around every inch of the house.
"Neji did te check the backyard?" I asked.
"No," we both ran to the back door to see the baby and Hinata sitting on the swing swinging softly back and forth.
"Hinata!" I busted out the door.
"Shh. He's sleeping," she smiled down here.
"We were looking everywhere for him," I detto angrily walking over to her.
"I'm sorry if I worried...
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posted by minaj_fan
Ha ha!! Got the story up WAY b4 u guys expected huh! *sticks tongue out* ha! :-p anyway. Read. Enjoy. Don't 4get 2....wat am I gonna say. U guys know...... COMMENT! Lift my spirits. He he. Ard I'ma shut up and let u read. Shout out 2 my #1 friend on fanpop. U know who u r! Nejiten2. Dueces.

Nejixtenten=love part 9

1 week later

Tenten's pov

Yay! This had to be the secondo happiest giorno of my life! The first being the giorno me and Neji got together. Neji had brung me to an all te can eat buffet. I clapped my hands and was about to dig in but Neji took my big plate of chicken teriyaki, sushi, tempura,...
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posted by minaj_fan
*hides behind table* sorry 4 the long wait u guys. Hehe. Been busy. Plz I'm innocent. Dnt hurt me. The chapters long if that'll wake it anyway better. *cheeses* lol. Hpe u enjoy.

Nejixtenten=love part 8

Tenten's pov

"Aw! Tennie I'm gonna be an auntie. Yay!" Temari smiled rubbing my stomach.
I smiled a little. "Neji Hyuga Jr." I had already started calling the baby Neji's because I had a feeling it was his.
"He's gonna be so adorable," she pressed her ear to my belly.
"Temari. I'm only 6 weeks pregnant. I don't think te can feel the baby kick just yet."
"He he. I know that silly." She was in a daze....
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posted by sweetheart725
"Guys","I need to talk to you" detto Might Gai as he walked up to them. Lee was the first to respond. "What is it Gai sensei?" he asked. "Well actually Lee","I mainly wanted to talk to Neji and Tenten" detto Gai as he looked over at them. "Was is it Gai sensei?" asked Tenten sweetly. "I'm going to train Lee","While I'm at it I want te and Neji to team up and train together" detto Gai. "OK" detto Tenten with a big smile. "This is just a waste of time" Neji muttered. "Well te guys need it","Not me" detto Gai. So he and Rock Lee jumped away together. "So what do te want to do first?" asked Tenten....
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posted by minaj_fan
Sorry 4 the long wait u guys but I was VERY distracted. My boyfriend and sister being the two main reasons. Blame them. Anyways I'ma stop talking and let u guys read. Comment. Give me props. I luuuv props and bekum a fan. Those r the 3 things I luv. Tootles. Enjoy...mwah!

Nejixtenten=love part 11

My pov

Tenten breathed in and out. "He who. He who."
"Tenten are te okay?" Neji asked softly.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" she glared over at him before breathing in and out.
"Tenten te being angry at me solves nothing."
Tenten grabbed Neji da his collare and yanked him towards her. "How 'bout te switch...
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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 1

Tenten's pov

"Look we can't waist time. I have to train so I can be the best. And in order to be the best I have to defeat the great neji hyuga," I ranted off to Ino.
"Quit your yappin and hold still," Ino detto as she plucked my eyebrows.
"You do this every time Ino. I don't have to look good just to go train. I'ma get sweaty and messy anyway."
"Hold still," she demanded as she plucked away.
"Ow," I yelped.
"Got it. All done," she smiled then proceeded to my hair.
"I thought te detto te was done."
"I can't let te go out in two panda buns," she took them out and brushed...
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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 3

Tenten's pov

Take a deep breath Tenten. Its only Neji. I mean he is hot but that doesn't matter. He's your team mate. He doesn't even like you. te know wat. Your right he doesn't. He's never even detto 3 words to you. Okay I get it. I mean your not even there to him. I detto I get it! I screamed to myself. Alright alright. Don't be so pushy. I was starting to feel like Sakura. Talking to myself.
"Lets go Ino pig. Your holding us up!" Sakura snapped getting frustrated.
"Wait FOREHEAD! I'm coming."
"Lets leave her Tenten," she grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs.
"Uh. Hey....
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Neji and Tenten break the baciare as a hundred domande run through Rock Lee's mind

Lee's mind: Why were they baciare and why is Neji's camicia off, I mean he wouldn't even dare to let us catch him using the toilet. 1) Neji was forced to do it 2) Something happend that needed cloth and knowing him, he dosen't bring much stuff in his pack for light traveling 3) something is going on with him and tenten. "Is something going on between te two?"

Neji: we...uhh...
Tenten: Neji just needed something to avvolgere around my wound :)
Neji's mind: uhh, i'm glad Tenten cut me off there. I was about to say something...
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posted by minaj_fan
Tenten's Pov

"Ino! Sakura! I'm going to kill you!" I yelled running after the blonde girl.
"Tenten we did it for your own good!" Sakura pleaded.
"Yea," Ino chimed in.
"I didn't need your help! We were doing just fine!" I stopped running and walked in the direction of my house.
"Aw come on Ten. Its not a big deal. If it doesn't work out then just go back to normal," Sakura suggested.
"Yea Tennie. Look at it on the bright side," Ino trailed off.
"There's no bright side," I detto giving her a death glare.
"Just go in the house. We'll be there in 30 minutes."
"Whatever," I rolled my eyes and ran home. I...
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Tenten: Ahh that was nice. I hope Neji and Lee are ok through, they take sparring so seriously

*knock knock*

Tenten: Who is it?
Neji: it's me, lee and gai are discussing the mission with Genma right now let's go!
Tenten: give me 10 min
Neji: in that case please let me in, it's burning hot out here!
Tenten: ok

*Tenten opens the door

Neji: [blush] waah Tenten, your in a towel!
Tenten's mind: OMG he's right gosh I didn't notice. "[blush] umm... That's cuz I just got out of the doccia :p"
Neji: uh..ok.

Neji walks in as tenten goes back in her room and puts on some clothes. 15 min later they set out to find...
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Neji: ok Tenten breath slowly and stay calm while I try to stop the bleeding

Neji swiftly looks through his pack but he can't find any sutures o towels, only one camicia and that was the chimono, kimono Hinata gave him for his birthday so he couldn't afford to stain it. He quickly removed his camicia and wrapped around Tenten's waist. After a while Tenten opens her eyes

Tenten: ahh! [blush] Neji why don't te have a camicia on?
Neji's mind: i didn't know she would recover so fast to catch me shirless
Tenten: Neji why are your cheecks so red
Neji's mind: oh no, am i really blushing, i gotta let her down at this...
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posted by minaj_fan
Okay so its been a couple of years since I've written anything, ! Sorry, shoot me, but I forgot about fanpop, . Hehe, . I'm only doing this for nejiten2 doe, . I know she missed me, . Okay sooo here goes, .
P.S- there's a mall in this story, .

Just my luck part 3

Tenten's pov

After work I waited for Neji on the bench outside of the store. He was taking long but I guess thats what comes with being a manager.
"Hey Ten what's going on? What are te waiting for?"
"Neji. Is he still in there?" I asked kind of tired.
"Yea, he should be coming out. Why are te waiting for him?" She raised an eye brow. "Is...
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posted by nejiten2
Tenten- No I don't like you.
She detto it in a shy voice.

Neji- See that Lee. She doesn't like me.
Lee- Well see about that.

Neji smirked.

Tenten blushed.

Tenten's Mind- Oh dear. Neji- kun did that to me.
No way. This is so... ugh...

Neji- I have to go home.
Lee- Alright. Bye, Neji!
Guy- See te tommrrow!
Tenten- Y-Yeah.

Neji went away.

Tenten- ( sigh)
Lee- Tell me Tenten.
Tenten- What?

Lee- te like Neji.
Tenten- No I don't!! Now stop thinking I like him!! Huh!

Tenten- Wait. Guy sensei. When is the dance thing going to be?

Guy- Thursday!
Tenten- That's like 2 days. No way. I have to go shopping....
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