Nicholas Hoult How can I meet nicholas hoult?

yunmiyalove posted on Apr 28, 2008 at 03:32PM
I do love to meet nicholas hoult. I just saw him on "skins". He is amazing. If someone knows how to meet him, Please let me know. He looks really cool and nice. I can not tell anymore by words. Is this web fan page connected with him? or his agency?
I am looking forward to geting some more information.
Have a good day!!

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più di un anno fa ingridenid said…

I dont know ! how tO! but I would Do EVERYTHING to meet him!! I Love him....... Waa!!! U_U
più di un anno fa xuedi said…
i do love him TOO!!i live in china,but if i could meet him ,i will travel to uk this summerO(∩_∩)O
più di un anno fa smurfjh said…
big smile
I do love him too.
First time I saw him <about a boy>
He's so cute