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This is the letter Carter wrote Abby when he was in the Congo. I found it on NBC's website, and thought I'd share it with you! Enjoy!

Dear Abby,

By the time te read this letter, Luka should be sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza in America and te will probably be wondering why I'm not with him. Before te go blaming yourself let me just say, it's not you, it's me - and I know even as I write this that you're going to think that's a breakup cliché, but if te could just try and hold back your judgment - and your condemnation - for a minute, maybe te will actually be able to understand what I'm trying to say. Being here...
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Here are some fun Citazioni from Noah!

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(on his fame) 'It's funny. Some days I don't even notice it. Most of the time, people are complimentary. And I'm an actor who loves compliments, so I find it very gratifying. And then there are days when te just don't wanna be the guy on the TV show. te just want to hide.' (Cosmo, 1997)

(Comparing himself to his ER character John Carter) 'Carter has a strong moral backbone and is sweet, romantic, funny and self-effacing. I'm sure a lot of people think, "What an ideal guy. Amore to find a guy like that." Noah Wyle ain't him. He's trying. But he's...
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This is an old interview with Noah, about him leaving ER.


Published: December 03, 2004

By Daniel R. Coleridge

Forget cardiac distress. ER fan are just plain heartbroken da Noah Wyle's decision to quit playing Dr. John Carter at the end of this season. But is his exit really definite? Here, TV Guide Online's Daniel R. Coleridge presses the slightly coy TV doctor for some answers, stat! Wyle also dishes his moonlighting calesse, concerto as an unlikely action hero in TNT's The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (Sunday, 8 pm/ET).

TV Guide Online: Why did te decide to leave ER? We're gonna...
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Here are some fun trivia facts about Noah!

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Noah has been nominated for five Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards: from 1997-2001 he was nominated for Outstanding Performance da an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his work on ER. He won in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

One of Noah best Friends since high school is actor J. P. Manoux. They both attended the Thatcher School in Ojai, California.

Noah met make-up artist Tracy Warbin in 1996. They were married on May 6, 2000, and have two children: son Owen, born November 9, 2002; and daughter Auden, born October 15, 2005.

Noah has a dog named May to...
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Interview with Noah about his return to ER and his role on The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice.

13 November 2008
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Noah Wyle Back in the 'ER'

Noah Wyle returns to TNT as Flynn Carsen in The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice, the third installment of TNT's hugely successful Librarian franchise.

The third time around, it's obvious that Wyle is having più fun than ever, but he's also looking inoltrare, avanti to reprising his role as the hugely popolare Dr. Carter on ER.

You seem to Amore playing Flynn Carsen.

Noah: 'He pretty much encapsulates all the reasons I wanted to be an actor. I grew...
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