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posted by aanikamerchant
Chap 20 at the hospital 

Aaliya'sPOV: I m never ever leaving zee alone again. I was in the ambulanza when spoke my name again. 
Shenali: hez jst going to be fine 
I wanted zee to be fit and fine. We reached the hospital and zee ws taken in a stretcher . I follwed him Bt they told me to stay outside. 
After sometime the doc came out and said 
Doc: we need a donner 
Aaliya: hez AB-
Niall: I m AB- too 
Doc: that's lucky so would te like to donate blood for that kid 
Niall: definately
Doc: someone close to the kid 
I: yeah I m her sis 
Doc: can u plz fill the form .... And sir evn u 
I and Niall went to the reception and filled the form. 
I: thank you 
Niall: for wat 
I: for being the donner 
Niall: r u kidding hez like my bro too 
I: Bt still thanx 
Niall: I m sorry 
I: for wat 
Niall: I told u that u are recitazione like your mom well I know the difference now 
I: its ok 
Niall went in and operation theater And came back in and hour 
Niall: it pains 
He had a bandage  in his arm . Niall had been really helpfully to us. 
After 3 hours te doc came out. 
Aaliya: is he fine 
Doc: he totaly out of danger but 
Aaliya: Bt wat 
Niall: let him complete at least 
Doc: he has a leg fracture 
Aaliya: will that get better 
Doc: yeah in a mese I guess 
Aaliya: that's good 
Doc: only 2 people can meet him at a time. 
I an Giana went in. Zee was still unconscious . Giana Niall and zayn broke the rules Nd came in too. Giana started to cry zayn kept an hold to her. I was crying too. Niall kept a hand on my shoulder and detto " he is going to be fine."
Giana: i can't see him this way 
She went out and zayn behind her. 

Tess'sPOv: Giana came out crying I could see some one hurt so I didn't go in. Bt Aaliya would be crying più than Giana so I went in and saw that she was crying too . I hugged her. And her tears fell my shoulders . 

Doc: everyone out plz only 2 people in for the night. 
Aaliya: I vl stay 
Niall: I vl stay too 
Aaliya: no it's ok if u go. 
Niall: no I want to stay . 
Tess: if he gains his concious ness plz call 
Niall: ok 
Louis: so where should we stay 
Tess: my Plc 
We all went and told Luke everything. 
Luke: tommorow morning we will go and meet him 
Giana: vth gifts 
Zayn: yeah 
Tess: good night everyone . 
I know no one could sleep Bt jst for formality everyone went and slept. 
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